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Winter Innovations 2020

Heat things up with our Winter Innovations 2020: the latest AI, apps, digital experiences and employee empowerment—all delivered from the cloud.

The most innovative customer experience cloud portfolio

2020 ushers in a new era of technology to power the world’s best customer experiences.

genesys cloud

PureCloud becomes Genesys Cloud CX

PureCloud has taken the market by storm with its extraordinary capabilities and phenomenal growth. Over 300 features have been added within the last two years alone due to its unmatched flexibility. PureCloud, the Genesys flagship cloud offering, is now called Genesys Cloud CX. As both a solution and an experience platform, Genesys Cloud CX and the Genesys Cloud CX Platform offer powerful capabilities for companies of all sizes.

genesys engage

PureEngage becomes Genesys Multicloud CX

PureEngage continues to power customer experiences for the world’s largest brands, serving the extremely large-sized enterprise market with unsurpassed capabilities. The unique requirements of this market will shape the future of PureEngage On-Premises and Cloud as they become known as Genesys Multicloud CX, with more deployment options and capabilities than ever.

genesys cloud

The Genesys innovation commitment

Genesys remains focused on delivering value to our customers through innovations that deliver the best business outcomes. Use cases that offer proven results are the guiding principles of our innovation strategy. Throughout 2020, Genesys will continue to be the leader of innovation across artificial intelligence (AI); digital experiences that span sales, marketing and service; and capabilities that empower your employees to become better engaged and work smarter — not harder. All of this creates better experiences for both customers and employees.

Explore what’s new in Genesys Cloud CX

– Formerly PureCloud –

New Genesys Cloud CX (formerly PureCloud) capabilities are all about expanding support for customer experience by streamlining the customer journey and making interactions more efficient and effective. Check out updates on chat flow schedules, custom routing, data dips, preferred agent routing and more.


Self-service and automation 

  • Get more insights into what’s happening in the IVR with IVR Flow Views. This IVR analytics API is the foundation that delivers detailed information on the outcome of each flow.



SMS campaigns and short message code support let you send bulk notifications and information to customers via SMS; it’s ideal to use for campaigns.

  • Rules – Use data actions as a condition on a rule, for example, to query your CRM system before the dialer calls the record to check a certain field or flag—and ensure it’s still eligible to be called.
  • Agent-owned preview campaign – Specify agent ownership of a record in an outbound preview campaign. This is useful when records in a call list are handled only by the agent assigned to them, including commission-based use cases, collections and personal relationships like a nurse-patient.


Digital sales and service

  • A new chat widget experience is optimized for mobile use with fresh colors, translations and capabilities like file transfers.
  • Chat flows offer greater flexibility in schedules, custom routing, data dips, preferred agent routing and more.
  • For email, we’ve added inline images and forwarding to any email address outside of Genesys Cloud CX.
  • WhatsApp messaging channel enhancements now include messaging templates.


Routing and flows

  • Preferred agent routing means that customers interact with the agents you decide are the best fit.
  • Route interactions based on in-flow schedule decisions to determine the best routing destination for customers.
  • Dynamically reference language skills from a data dip and then use that data to route to the correct queue.

New Genesys Cloud CX (formerly PureCloud) capabilities are focused on using data and predictions to improve both the employee and customer experience. Winter 2020 adds more bot and predictive engagement capabilities to Genesys Cloud CX.


Self-service and automation

  • Weave third-party integrations into your call flows, including voice and messaging channels. Powered by Genesys AI, Genesys Cloud CX supports Amazon Lex, Genesys Dialog Engine for digital and Google Dialog flow for voice and digital, plus TTS for both Nuance and Speech Morphing
  • New chat widget lets you use Amazon Lex bots in your self-service strategy to get real-time feedback from customers


Digital sales and service

  • Genesys predictive engagement (formerly Genesys Altocloud) capabilities include:
    • Webhooks – If a high-value customer is browsing your website, this capability can automatically initiate a group chat with appropriately skilled sales or service agents to notify them of the browsing VIP. The group can then reach out to the customer to offer personal assistance. This is just one of many use cases for webhooks.
    • Content offers – Serve a content offer at exactly the right time during a website visitor’s journey. This could be a special promotion that triggers when the visitor’s behavior matches a defined set of criteria.
    • Action maps – Apply action maps to specific web pages. Action maps are triggers and conditions that define the logical steps or next steps in a customer journey.

Genesys Cloud CX (formerly PureCloud) heavily emphasizes the user experience. Agents, supervisors, administrators, quality managers and workforce planners are equally important when it comes to the user experience. Check out the new capabilities and enhancements.


User experience

  • Get a new color scheme but the same great features.
  • Advanced sound settings are available for your phone ringtones, including a ring through your laptop versus headset.


Admin experience

  • Generic SAML support makes it easier to send messages between systems.
  • Microsoft Active Directory, OKTA and OneLogin SSO allows automated synchronization of user data between systems.
  • Support for Agent Logoff by Admin.
  • Change the company display name for a Genesys Cloud CX organization from within the organization settings in the Admin menu. This is a great option if you’ve recently changed names via a merger or acquisition—it doesn’t change your company ID or short name.



  • IVR flow destination views offer insight into the outcome of each flow.
  • CSV exports are available for Interactions Views and Flow Destinations Views.
  • A new Jobs API offers async requests for detail records that previously limited the amount of data you could access. This new API allows larger volumes of data records to be pulled into a job. It also includes customer attributes from different functions,such as Architect or Scripter.
  • Exclude short-level abandons from service-level calculations, if desired (currently under Beta only).
  • Queue activity view enhancements let you see your longest wait and longest interaction by media type and queue. Plus, you get more insight into what an agent is doing on an interaction, specifically around after-call wrap ups or on hold.
  • Contact center managers can format the time values in HH:MM:SS:mmm when they export data from a view that contains duration columns.


Quality management and recording

  • Assign evaluations per agent, per period; agents will receive a notification of a newly completed evaluation for their review and comments.
  • Improved handling of evaluation re-scoring and deletion improves accuracy in scoring analytics.
  • New APIs allow for bulk deletion of recordings.


Workforce management

  • Planners can make schedule changes in bulk, rather than editing schedules for individual agents.
  • Add or copy agents activity to schedules makes it easier to manage schedule editing based upon coverage impact. For example, select the “copy activity to agents” activity type from a dropdown menu when inserting a new activity into a schedule.
  • Schedule individual or group activities based on coverage impact. For multiple agents, you can optionally insert the activity for the time the agent(s) are available. For example, if a meeting is added from 2:00 to 3:00 PM, and an agent’s shift ends at 2:30 PM, you can schedule the meeting for 30 minutes in length.

These new and enhanced Genesys Cloud CX (formerly PureCloud) capabilities represent a major expansion of features and the next level in resiliency, giving you more choices.


Genesys Cloud CX Voice

  • Genesys Cloud CX Voice has expanded to Austria, Poland and Portugal, now providing these services in a total of 15 countries in Europe. And we’ve recently cut our inbound rates in the EU by 50%.
  • Users can now purchase BYOC and Genesys Cloud CX Voice from within the Genesys Cloud CX app.


Unified communications

  • Native faxing with fax-to-email capabilities, confirmation and auto-retry
  • Advanced sound settings for your phone ringtones, including a ring through your laptop versus headset

Genesys Cloud CX (formerly PureCloud) is both a solution and a platform. The Genesys Cloud CX Platform lets you subscribe and buy cool features directly from Genesys—or build your own. You can even do both, if that’s what you need. Plus, with hundreds of add-on applications available in the Genesys AppFoundry Marketplace, the platform is highly flexible and secure for companies and app developers. Check out what’s new on the Genesys Cloud CX Platform.



  • Genesys launched a second regional AWS availability zone in the Americas, US West, on October 23, 2019. New users can choose the region closest to their main site location; US West or US East.



  • The embeddable framework enables the Genesys Cloud CX desktop to be embedded within your web desktop. It supports both public and private (i.e., custom) apps.
  • The client application user interface (UI) lets you embed contextualized third-party UIs within the interaction screen in the same way as Genesys Altocloud. They can be loaded in the sidebar or in a full-frame layout.
  • The platform processes more than 1 billion API requests per week. To better serve and notify developers, soft limits reporting displays limits for developers. Limits are imposed on API requests to ensure the platform remains stable and to promote good application development.
  • A new iOS API SDK is available so users can embed Genesys Cloud CX customer engagement capabilities into existing iOS applications.
  • API usage dashboard lets you view every authorization of an API.



  • Now you can activate a free trial for dozens of premium client applications via the Genesys AppFoundry.



  • New monitoring tools let you download and search SIP packet captures.​​​
  • Oauth scopes capability limits client access to certain datasets, offering enhanced security of your overall data.
  • ISO 27018 certification, in addition to our existing ISO 27001 certification, demonstrates our commitment to security and data protection, fulfilling GDPR requirements.
  • Mutual Transport Layer Security (TLS) for data actions lets you add security certificates to data actions, preventing unauthorized access to data. Additionally, a data-actions usage dashboard is available to view metrics on times and frequency.
  • Complies with the new California Consumer Privacy Act.
  • IP whitelisting allows you to control log-in access to specific IPs or IP ranges.


For more details, check out the Genesys Developer Center – making it easier than ever for you to have technology your way.

What’s new in Genesys Multicloud CX

- Formerly PureEngage and PureEngage Cloud -

Digital and experience orchestration

Many new capabilities are offered in Designer, including Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp, SMS interactions, single sign-on (SSO), the use of speech grammars stored outside of Designer and other speech enhancements.

New digital enhancements include multiple SMS sessions, French and German language support, and support for MMS interactions.

Reporting and analytics

Pulse real-time reporting now provides a wallboard to display KPI widgets that enable you to broadcast and share information to your entire team.

CX Insights offers new reports and dashboards for chat interaction acceptance rates, workload distribution (iWD), interaction flows and predictive routing.

Workload distribution

Cloud intelligent Workload Distribution (iWD) is available in the cloud. This powerful tool captures pre-classified work items (tasks) from any source system and then continuously re-prioritizes them according to business requirements. This ensures they’re pushed to the best available agent at the right time.

Flexible deployment options

Public cloud, private cloud or on-premises, Genesys Multicloud CX offers the industry’s best flexibility for extremely large-sized enterprises. Consume software the way that you choose. Multicloud options include Amazon Web Services (AWS), Microsoft Azure or Google Cloud platform with a strategy to fully support Kubernetes and containers for maximum enterprise flexibility.


Genesys announced an expanded partnership with Microsoft that will offer Genesys Multicloud CX on Microsoft Azure, expanding the deployment options for large sophisticated businesses. Other new integrations include:

  • Agent-assist handling of bot transcripts with audio streams from Genesys Voice Portal to Google DialogFlow
  • Microsoft Luis for bots

What’s new in PureConnect

User experience

Journey mapping gives agents a visualization of historical customer engagement across channels, including access to play back multichannel recordings from those engagements. Having this complete context means higher quality, more personalized customer engagement for faster resolution.

Outbound SMS

Interaction Dialer SMS supports outbound notifications to proactively notify customers of appointments or reminders. This includes real-time SMS totals, reports and statistics to monitor the effectiveness of campaigns.

Reporting and analytics

Many new Interaction Analyzer workgroup, details and agent statistics give you a better view of agent and customer scores as well as keyword spotting that’s related to interactions.

Consume innovations as a cloud service

Even if you’re a PureConnect customer who’s not considering a full Genesys Cloud CX migration, you can add new innovations as a cloud service. This means you can keep your PureConnect system on site while adding measurable value to your existing customer experience operations. Consider adding hybrid cloud innovations like Genesys Altocloud predictive engagement, voice and chatbots, IVR as a Service, and more.

Regardless of your path, we’re with you all the way.

Your future awaits

A special Genesys Cloud CX migration offer for PureConnect and PureEngage customers.

Gain simplicity

Gain simplicity

Using the Genesys software is a snap. But don’t just take our word for it. Ask one of the hundreds of thousands of agents, supervisors, admins and developers using Genesys Cloud CX today.

Access innovation

Access innovation

Hundreds of new features are added each year. Add AI with chatbots or voicebots, as well as new channels like SMS, WhatsApp, Twitter, Facebook and Line.

Subscribe, build — or both

Subscribe, build—or both

Genesys Cloud CX is both a solution and a platform. Buy subscriptions for cool features, build your own capabilities with our developer portal or extend capabilities from the hundreds of apps in our AppFoundry Marketplace.

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Get big incentives

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