Multicloud: Absorb the Forces of Cloud Migration and Reach New Possibilities

Have you ever wondered why Viking ships look like they do? The longship was used for trade, commerce, exploration and warfare. It’s double sided so it can change direction quickly. And the side planks overlap to allow the boat to bend and absorb the force of larger waves for longer, safer voyages. It’s made to travel in both deep and shallow waters — and be carried across land. The flexibility that the longship ushered in, and the added choice it gave skippers, opened up a new world of possibilities for trade and expansion that gave Vikings a unique advantage.

Many of today’s largest contact centers set out on a journey to the cloud only to find the ship they’re on — or considering a move to — is inflexible and doesn’t open up many new opportunities at all. They learn that these alternatives force them to lock into a certain deployment model or cloud infrastructure, making it even more difficult to change course later. And the paralyzing fear of making the wrong decision quickly overshadows the excitement of discovering new territory.

But now, through the influence of enterprise customers and lessons learned from others who have battled this problem, a new way of migrating to the cloud is emerging. Native cloud software is being intentionally designed and developed to be as flexible as a dragon ship, which is another name for the longship because of its dragon-shaped prow. And it’s making cloud migration more comfortable for large, complex operations.

As an IT skipper, this new way to the cloud gives you maximum choice and control. Your needs come first.

Deployment Model

Choose your preferred cloud deployment model – public, private or hybrid – and realize all the benefits of native cloud software, regardless of which way you go. This includes security, scale, resiliency, continuous deployment and access to future innovation in areas such as digital, artificial intelligence (AI) and open data models. And you have the flexibility to change deployment models later, if needed.

Cloud Infrastructure

Choose your preferred infrastructure provider: Microsoft, Amazon or Google. And make a change in the future with minimal disruption if corporate standards shift.

Mix of Capabilities and Services

Choose an optimal mix of users, capabilities and services. And change your consumption model to meet evolving customer preferences and business imperatives with minimal hassle.

Level of Customization

Choose how much you want to customize the solution to meet your specific needs. Have the same level of flexibility you’re used to with traditional on-premises software.

Set a Course for Multicloud

If these choices and flexibility are within your enterprise contact center’s needs, consider a multicloud strategy. Leave fear behind and set sail for new territory on your terms. Enjoy a long, safe journey with a modern craft and capable crew. Go as deep or shallow as you’d like with the cloud to start. Change direction quickly, if needed. And open up a whole new world of possibility for personalizing the customer experience to gain a competitive advantage — today and tomorrow.

To learn more about the Genesys Multicloud CX solution, read this brochure.