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PureCloud provides your supervisors with an unprecedented view into their business. It was built from the ground up to handle omnichannel interactions, not as an afterthought, and includes interactive tools for seeing behaviours and managing changes quickly and easily.

Powerful Performance Analytics

Get an interactive dashboard with dynamic views that display real-time contact centre, queue, agent and interaction metrics – for all media types.

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Reporting with key insights

Take advantage of powerful historical data to improve agent, queue and campaign performance.

Targeted quality evaluations

Evaluate and score interactions, then review with agents to improve performance and, ultimately, the customer experience.

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Personalised Mobile Dashboard

Go mobile with a dashboard made up of dynamic widgets – see the statistics you need while on the move.

Supervisor Features


See alerts on your dashboard when agent and queue metrics exceed or fall below predefined thresholds – or add email, phone or text alerts – to keep you in the know.


View or listen in on interactions in progress for a certain agent or an entire queue, and even follow the customer or agent to their next interaction.


The real-time dashboard gives your supervisors a customised view of activity within the centre. It acts as the control centre for your operations, giving you access to real-time metrics such as customers waiting, active agents and service levels. Or you can drill-down into historical metrics to discover trends and insights that impact performance.


Use the pre-built reports or customise your own to get the metrics you need across all of your customer engagement channels.


With PureCloud, there’s no need for a separate, costly workforce management system. Use PureCloud’s built-in workforce management capabilities to develop forecasts, create and manage schedules viewable by agents, monitor adherence and evaluate intraday variances.


Manage your agents' quality with built-in quality management tools that include recorded interactions and screen recordings for quick access to a replay of any interaction. You can set-up your own evaluations for scoring and track quality scores through the interactive dashboard.


It’s easy to keep tabs of your centre, even when you are away from your desk. Use the mobile supervisor app to keep track of performance when you’re walking the floor, attending a meeting or training. The mobile dashboard gives you the real-time key performance indicators in a modern interface that make it easy to visualise when KPIs fall below thresholds.


Manage agent skills, queues, wrap-up codes and other important contact centre settings using a simple configuration tool. It’s part of the PureCloud app, so no software or specialised skills are needed, just the right user permissions. You can also manage agent scripts and outbound campaigns.

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Call centres have achieved 571% ROI with the Genesys PureCloud CX solution.

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