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If one simple question can unlock customer satisfaction and loyalty. Don’t you want all your agents to be extremely happy while asking it?

Contact centre agents are your company’s ambassadors. Keep them happy. Customer Engagement trends are always changing, making it hard to keep up. Delight your customers by delighting your agents first.

Single Interface for Multi Modal Interactions

The Interaction Panel is always just a click away. Manage multiple conversations and a variety of channels with ease.

Intuitive call controls are consistent from channel to channel. Learn once and use everywhere.

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Activity-Driven Status & Presence Indicators persona imagery

Activity-Driven Status & Presence Indicators

Effectively managing Multi Modal interactions requires a new type of activity indicator.

Enhance agent status with Activity Indicators. Improve teamwork by showing others what you are working on – ‘On a call’, ‘Managing two email interactions’

It’s easy to find out who’s in the office. Share your location with your team. Geo location services can be activated form your desk top or mobile PureCloud app.

Agent Notes & Wrap up Codes

Save time flipping through tabs or finding a note pad. Agents can easily access wrap up codes and insert notes from the interaction interface. All the tools you need for every customer call are right in front of you in one interface.

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Agent Dashboard

Customer service agents get visibility into individual, team and contact centre metrics.

Each agent can track real-time and historical performance. The agent dashboard shows a chart that displays agent statistics by week, month or year.

Access and view evaluations and schedules in the same place. The Agent dashboard is a one stop shop.

PureCloud makes it easy to give your agents permissions to view contact centre metrics without the added cost of supervisor views.

Built-in Collaboration

Agents can use chat and video to collaborate with individuals and groups in your contact centre or across the entire organisation; including searchable chat, emojis, and screen and file sharing.

Built in Content Management lets agents access, training materials, customer collateral and other important documents from the same app.

Quickly search profiles that include contact information, company hierarchy relationships, location, groups and skills.

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Make an impact

Call centres have achieved 571% ROI with the Genesys PureCloud CX solution.

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Features that Make Agents Happy


Agents see information about the call, the customer, and your campaign goals. Collect and update information with agent scripts.


Reduce training time with dynamic agent scripts that guide conversations.

  • Dynamically populate contact information
  • Include agent instructions and best practices
  • Schedule an agent call back in a script


In-app integration for Salesforce and ZenDesk.

Extensible CRM support for other Web based applications.


Increase your efficiency with custom text responses for Email, Chat and Social Customer Interactions.

Make response marketing effortless for your contact centre.

Searchable response management helps agents save time.


Consolidated inbox for voicemail , fax, ad-hoc recordings and agent evaluations.


Agents easily access their evaluations through a unified inbox and performance dashboard.

Agents can review and comment on their evaluations.


Requiring only an internet connection to be fully operational PureCloud offers a 100% web interface that includes a webRTC phone station for each agent. Build in agent collaboration to stay in sync with your team.


Phone features are user tested and consistent for agents, supervisors and business users; intuitive Transfers (both Blind and Consulting), plus Conferencing, Mute & Hold. One-click dialling for anyone in your organisation.

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