Manage your people, not your tools

PureCloud Admin is designed (like the rest of PureCloud) to be easy to understand and use.

  • We start by designing forms and tools from your perspective – what do you need to do? How do we make that easy to find and use?
  • Wherever possible we give you ‘best practices’ defaults – so things just work out of the box
  • Even the admin area looks familiar because we use common web design approaches for forms and avoid hidden settings

Start Your Organisation in Minutes

Use a simple guided set up to sync in people from Active Directory or your HR system, then bulk assign Roles for their access permissions. Set up your drag and drop call flows in Architect and assign them to Queues.

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Automation Where Needed icon

Automation Where Needed

PureCloud is built to scale for large organisations but is still easy to administer for a small group.

Sync Data with Existing Systems

We know that you have useful data in many places already so we have powerful data syncing for both Cloud-to-Cloud and Cloud-to-On-Premises data – with rules that you set up and control.

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Continuous Delivery for New Features icons

Continuous Delivery for New Features

PureCloud is built on modern cloud principles and microservice technology, using agile teams with automated testing and continuous deployments. New features are rolling out all the time.

Future Proof?

We’d like to think so, but predicting the future is very hard! Still, this isn’t our first rodeo and we used our twenty years of experience with enterprise software to make sure we built a platform for change. With data models that grow with easy configuration changes and analysis tools that can handle pretty much anything you throw at them, and a decoupled service architecture that allows us to add new features without refactoring the rest of the product.

Features that Make Admin Easier


Subscriptions and Organisation Settings
  • Change Organisation Settings – Enable or disable chat and voicemail, manage invite links, change the default language, specify email domains, etc.
  • Order and Upgrade Subscription – See how many licences your organisation is using. Upgrade your subscription to access additional functionality.
  • Billing and Usage Reports


Manage people and assign roles, edit roles to control permissions
  • People – Add people to your organisation one at a time or using bulk import from a CSV file. Edit user profiles, assign permissions, and assign a phone.
  • Automated People Setup – Synchronise with your HR or IT software so people can be added or deleted automatically when they are updated in the other systems.
  • Roles and Permissions – Use the built-in roles, or create custom roles to add or remove feature permissions for people. Use directory groups and other search tools to select lists of people to assign Role changes.
  • More on People and PermissionsCheck out the PureCloud Resource Centre


Manage your locations, set up work groups, control profile data
  • Create and Manage Groups – Connect users based on their skills, relationships, locations, or anything else to create groups within your organisation. Add individuals to groups, or add people by keywords and relationships using group membership rules. Use our Bridge Platform and Microsoft Exchange to sync groups with email distribution lists.
  • Add and Assign Locations – Add the cities and buildings where your users work so they can pick those locations in their profile. Upload a floor plan for each level of a building so that users can show their exact office location. Assign locations to users, or remove locations from users.
  • Edit Profile Layout and Labels – Give each member their own editable profile for phone numbers, addresses, education, work history, etc. Add new sections and fields, or rename and reorder the ones that are already there. Use the Profile Labels page to change the labels on the profile interface and manage translations.


Add and set permissions for workspaces, audit document usage
  • Manage Group Workspaces – Create and administer group workspaces. Add default workspace tags for users to choose when tagging files, and control workspace access by adding or removing members.
  • Search Audits – See detailed records of changes made to files and workspaces in your Documents repository.


Set up and manage connections to your other Cloud or On-premise systems
  • User Data – Synchronise data between your HR or IT systems and PureCloud user profiles. Populate profiles one time only, or keep profiles in sync with your data when updates occur. Control settings to sync updates from PureCloud back into other systems, including tie-breaking rules.
  • Single Sign-on – Connect PureCloud with your single sign-on service to expand automated login within your company.
  • Cloud-to-Cloud or Cloud-to-On-Premises Data Connectors – Select connectors for many popular systems: Microsoft Active Directory, Sharepoint, Exchange, and Office365, Workday HR system, Salesforce, Oracle Service Cloud, Zendesk.
  • Chat Notifications with Webhooks – Post events to group chat rooms from your other systems with Webhook integrations. Use a query in the Admin interface to set up the types of events to push, and then select which group chat rooms should receive those notifications. Take advantage of integrations with third-party systems such as Jenkins, JIRA, Bitbucket, GitHub and PagerDuty.
  • CRM – Provide advanced call controls inside third-party customer relationship management (CRM) systems. Enable basic call log support, click-to-dial, callbacks, screen pop, email-to-case, etc.
  • Data Dip – Pull data and make it available for use within a call flow. For example, when a call comes into an IVR, the caller’s information is pulled from an external system based on the phone number used for the call. The caller is then routed to the appropriate workgroup based on the caller’s account type.
  • Object Routing – Automatically route objects from your CRM to the PureCloud ACD (Automated Call Distribution) engine. For example, if a customer emails Support, that email is routed to the appropriate queue based on workgroup skills or utilisation.
  • Screen Pop – Bring a customer’s information in your CRM to the forefront of a recipient’s screen. For example, after a caller enters identifying information into your IVR, the caller’s information in your CRM automatically appears on the agent’s screen.
  • More on Data IntegrationsHead on over to the PureCloud Resource Centre


Manage Unified Communications, trunks, sites, DID numbers, and much more
  • Telephony – Set up PureCloud communications. This includes provisioning the PureCloud Edge hardware, configuring a trunk for the SIP provider, and setting up a functional and logical telephony scheme for your company. You also use Telephony features to set up managed phones for the user, IVR Routing, DID Numbers, Extensions and Authorised services.
  • Set up and Manage – Trunks, Sites, PureCloud Edge, Edge Groups, Outbound Routes, Phone Management, IVR (Interactive Voice Response) Routing, DID (Direct Inbound Dialling) Numbers, Extensions and Authorised Services
  • PureCloud Voice – Purchase phone numbers directly from within the PureCloud Voice system using the Number Purchase portal. Search the database for numbers using city, area code, specific digits, and even vanity phrases. Once you find the numbers you want, just follow the steps to complete the purchase.
  • More on Telephony AdminVisit the PureCloud Resource Centre


Set up and manage call flows and interactive voice and tone menus for any business process
  • Architect – Design custom call flows and create simple or sophisticated menu applications with a graphical editor. Create and manage menu interactions by completing and linking forms in Architect – no programming experience required. Calls are compared to user-defined profiles that determine the scheduled processing.
  • Set up and Manage Contact Flows – Administer inbound, outbound and in-queue call flows, as well as call flow operations and call prompts.
  • More on ArchitectGo to the PureCloud Resource Centre

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Call centres have achieved 571% ROI with the Genesys PureCloud CX solution.

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