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PureCloud is committed to excellent experiences for all our customers. Our system is designed and tested to perform at the highest levels, and our platform architecture is built to recover almost instantly from issues. But even with our continuing vigilance things can (and do) go wrong, so we have several ways to get the support you may need.

You can always check live PureCloud operational, system availability and incident information at PureCloud Status

PureCloud provides the following Technical Support offerings:

Support Offering PureCloud Communicate PureCloud
Resource Centre Yes Yes
Voice Support
(for Severity 1 - 24x7x365)
Yes Yes
Web Portal Support
8:00am to 5:00pm ET
Yes Yes

PureCloud Help menu

From the PureCloud Help menu:

  • Use the Report an Issue link to contact your organisation’s designated recipient of technical and non-technical issues
  • Read an article related to the open PureCloud page from the Help with this page link
  • Open the Resource Centre home page and find what you need from the Resource Centre link. Learn more about the PureCloud Resource Centre at About the Resource Centre
  • Learn how PureCloud handles your organisation’s sensitive data from the Privacy Policy link

Web Portal

The Web Portal uses a simple form to collect information so we can handle your issues directly – to access the PureCloud web portal, sign in here:

Note: Only a designated contact can access the PureCloud web portal. For all others with issues, use the Help > Get Help feature or contact your company’s IT department.

Telephone Support

Note: You must be a designated contact at your organisation to contact PureCloud Technical Support.

Outage reporting calls are prioritised and handled according to severity level. Support Engineers aim to respond to each ticket with our target initial response times and reach resolution within our target restoration times.

PureCloud outage support numbers

Americas (available M-F, 8:00am – 5:00pm EST)

  • USA: +1-866-353-6587 (Freephone) / +1-317-957-1001
  • Brazil: +55-11-5054-9446

APAC (available M-F, 8:00am – 5:00pm AEST)

  • Australia: +61-2804-71902 (Sydney) / +61-3808-00204 (Melbourne) / +61-8622-00306 (Perth)
  • Japan: +81-3-5989-1106 (available M-F, 9:00am – 5:30pm JST)
  • Malaysia: +60-3277-63306
  • New Zealand: +64-9307-8557

EMEA (available M-F, 9:00am – 6:00pm CET)

  • UK: +44-1753-519100
  • Germany: +49-6995-106-6305
  • Netherlands: +31-2065-00005
  • Saudi Arabia: +966-1125-02905
  • South Africa: +27-8774-00901

Availability: System outages should be reported using the PureCloud outage support numbers 24×7

Before calling Support

  • Prepare to describe the issue and its business impact.
  • Prepare to report on each issue separately so it can be individually tracked to a successful resolution. Avoid grouping issues together for best results.
  • Collect any information (log files, configuration files) to help us analyse your issue.

For resolution of critical (Severity Level 1) issues, a designated contact should prepare to be available at all times to work with PureCloud Support.

Support Response and Restoration

Severity Levels

To address problems in a relevant order we assign a severity rating to each request. The assigned severity level for a problem may be mutually re-determined by both parties during the problem resolution process, but PureCloud Technical Support shall have the final authority as to the actual designation.

Severity Level Definition Standard Initial Response Time Target Restoration Time
1 – Critical Impact (Code Red) The customer is experiencing a severe problem resulting in an inability to perform a critical business function. There is no workaround. 10 min. (phone) PureCloud uses all reasonable efforts to continue to work on the problem until service is restored. Mean time to restore is 15 minutes.
2 – High Impact The customer is able to perform job functions but performance is degraded or severely limited. 1 business hour (web) PureCloud uses all reasonable efforts to continue to work on the problem until service is restored. Mean time to restore is 72 hours.
3 – Medium Impact The customer’s ability to perform job functions is largely unaffected, but noncritical functions or procedures are unusable or hard to use. A workaround is available. 2 business hours (web) N/A
4 – Low Impact The customer is experiencing minimal system impact. Concerns include feature requests and other non-critical questions. 1 business day (web) N/A

Target Initial Response Times

Severity 1 or Critical impacting incidents are supported and responded to 24x7x365. For all other levels target initial response times are limited to business hours Monday through Friday, 8:00am to 5:00pm customer local time.

Note: Reproducible errors that cannot be resolved promptly will be escalated for further investigation and analysis.

Target Restoration Times

Support Engineers aim to reach resolution of your issue within the listed target restoration times.