The PureCloud platform is designed for the cloud

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One Platform, Many Channels

PureCloud provides the foundation for the future of communication. Whether you want to connect to your customers with Engage or spur teamwork on Collaborate, our platform offers power and flexibility to make it happen.

Currently we have full services support for Phones, Email, Chat, File Sharing, Video Chat, Screen-Sharing, and Social Channel Management. Our services ‘normalise’ communications channel tools, so transferring an Email is just like transferring a phone call – learn something once and use it everywhere!

Connect Your Data Everywhere

One of the drawbacks of other cloud services is that they can’t synchronise with your internal systems, such as Active Directory and Exchange. That means you have to separately create, delete, and administer users when they join or leave your company. Integration with CRMs, such as Salesforce and Zendesk, can require extensive customisation and become a maintenance headache.

The PureCloud Platform solves these problems with a brilliant approach called PureCloud Bridge™. The Bridge is software that can be installed in your internal data centre or in the cloud, for simple and secure integration that uses plug-in connectors for a variety of systems.

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Reporting and Transparency

If you are using an older customer support solution, you’re probably looking at a lot of reports, with a lot of rows and columns of numbers.

PureCloud has reports, but we also put useful information everywhere you look – so status for everyone is visible at a glance, graphical performance information is in the forms where you are managing support queues, and collaboration chat rooms are fully searchable.

As a manager you now have information to understand where you need it, not in separate tools.

Over the past twenty years, we’ve learned a few things about best practices for your call centre.

We build those best practices right into the PureCloud Platform so you don’t have to. When we add a new feature, it’s already set up and ready to run. This allows you to deploy in hours, instead of weeks and months.

We allow you to choose from a variety of tested, best practices approaches, and turn them on with the click of a button.

Want to try adding a new communications channel? PureCloud is designed for agents to manage multiple kinds of channel communications in the same view. You don’t need separate queues for each interaction type anymore!

The PureCloud Platform includes easy-to-use policy managers for document management, recording retention, call handling and many other critical aspects of customer engagement.

You can get up and running in days with

  •  Easy sign-up
  •  Simple telco connectivity with Recommended Providers
  •  Use your browser as a phone
  •  Built-in best practices

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