Ensure the Right Customer Expert is Always Available 

Customers interact with your business through multiple channels and devices, and with different members of your team throughout the sales cycle. Each interaction is a continuation of the customer's last experience. Ensure your workforce is scheduled so that the right resource is always available.

Minimise Effort while Maximising Returns

A workforce planning strategy that leverages a skills knowledge base, real-time scheduling and automated routing creates the start of a great experience—for both your customers and your employees. When a customer is matched with the best available resource, their inquiry is quickly addressed, increasing customer satisfaction. Engage your employees to provide exceptional customer service, improve efficiencies and reduce operational costs.

Schedule the Right Team

Proactively manage changing schedules and reduce overtime costs with accurate workforce forecasting to ensure the right distribution of skills are available at all times. Allow employees to easily bid on and swap schedules while ensuring employees with the right skills are available.

Match your Customers with the Best Available Expert

Automatically route your customers to the best available resource based on a skills knowledgebase and real-time scheduling to ensure their inquiry is efficiently resolved.

Invest in your Employees

Leverage skills assessments and agent coaching to create automated routing rules so your best available agent is ready to help your customer.

Reduce Operating Costs

Drive consistency, efficiency and quality in omnichannel workforce performance without increasing costs with historical and real-time data.