Deliver on Critical Business Objectives with Interaction Analytics

Your customers and employees connect across several communication channels and devices. The ability to truly understand their conversations enables you to improve the customer experience while meeting important business objectives, such as quality assurance, compliance management and the bottom line.

Understand What Makes a Great Customer Relationship

Automatically record interactions and quickly understand where to improve processes. Identify opportunities for employee coaching, and what truly contributes to a great customer relationship.

Capture 100% of Omnichannel Interactions

Understand the entire customer journey and optimise operations by automatically recording interactions across every channel.

Manage Compliance and Quality

Automatically detect specific agent training requirements, compliance breaches or customer satisfaction issues with real-time text and speech analytics.

Improve Workforce Performance

Use recorded interactions in agent training and quality assurance to continually optimise your workforce to deliver exceptional customer experiences.

Increase First Contact Resolution

Leverage automated interaction reporting to identify potentially missed first contact resolutions. Refine your routing rules, reduce operational costs and continually improve the customer experience.