Enable Your Team to Focus on Great Customer Service with Workforce Optimisation

Make sure your customers feel heard, supported and valued. Provide your experts with the full contextual information they need. Continuously synchronise front- and back-office tasks. Get real-time insights into the complete customer journey.

Create a World-Class Experience

Exceptional customer experiences happen when your team is set up for success. Leverage a single customer experience platform to continually build lasting relationships.

Listen to Your Customers 

Let your customers show you what a great experience looks like. Identify problem areas, mentor your workforce and enhance your level of customer service with post-interaction customer feedback and surveys.

Establish Consistency with Automation

Fully understand every interaction to improve productivity, lower operational costs and empower employees with automated quality management. 

Increase Workforce Efficiency 

Accurately forecast and schedule your agents across all communication channels and departments. Ensure a great customer experience is always available.

Record Every Interaction

Capture every interaction and agent desktop to manage the quality of your workforce and to meet regulatory compliance.

Leverage Data to Continually Improve Business Processes

Understand what contributes to a great customer relationship and your business results through 100% detection rate speech analytics, text analytics and omnichannel customer journey analysis. 

Invest in Employee Development 

Invest in your employees so they feel valued and empowered to do more than just their job. A workforce management strategy focused on agent coaching and skills assessments leads to happy employees, higher levels of customer service, decreased employee churn and reduced operating costs.