Customer Support is Changing

Customers have more influence and higher expectations than ever before… they want to use all the rich communications tools on their phones and devices to communicate, and they expect that you’ll respond!

PureCloud was designed from the ground up to exceed modern customer expectations, delivered on the most advanced cloud-based platform ever assembled for communication.

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Connect with your customers

Meet your customers where they are with a robust omnichannel cloud contact centre.

Break down the barriers between channels by keeping your customer tracking, routing and reporting in a single system.

Cutting-edge IVR and social media management options to make it easier than ever for your customer to reach you.

Manage your people and systems

Your business is changing faster than ever. You need tools that can manage those changes and keep up with what’s coming.

Keep in tune with customer expectations and leapfrog your competition with a steady stream of new features designed for the modern customer experience.

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Understand what’s happening

All the data in the world just takes up space if you can’t easily see what it means.

Interactive dashboards give you a consolidated view of customer, agents and interactions – across ALL media types.

Move from reactive to proactive with insights that will help you deliver an effortless experience.

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PureCloud Features


Everything you need is on a single, all-in-one cloud platform. Offer unparalleled reliability and a consistent experience no matter how your customer contacts you. Keep the improvements going by capturing key customer insights with a single view of the experience.


Layers of Security

PureCloud is built on Amazon’s AWS services, with tight controls added on top. All of your data and requests are encrypted and organisation data is separated by rigorous authentication. You can choose our Single-Sign-On solution or one of the industry standard SSO systems.

Compliance with Legal and Regulatory Requirements

PureCloud meets rigorous compliance and regulatory requirements such as the U.S. Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) and Statement on Standards for Attestation Engagements (SSAE) 16 SOC 2 Type 1 examination.

The PureCloud platform achieved a PCI DSS assessment as a Level 2 Service Provider using version 3.2 of the PCI DSS standard.

Protect your business by providing tightly scripted content when it’s absolutely necessary. Agents can also let customers know “I have to read this to you” to minimise frustration and avoid tainting the rest of the conversation.


PureCloud includes a full set of Dialer tools – execute dial modes and campaign tactics that keep agents productive, costs low and contact rates high. Inbound and outbound blending is supported, ensuring that you have coverage across queues.

Dialling needs vary depending on the type of campaign and legal regulations. Dial at your own pace using one of five outbound dialling modes.

Preview – Presents information about the contact to the agent before dialing. The agent reviews the customer record before deciding whether to call or skip to the next record.

Progressive – Reduces the risk of call abandonment by dialling one contact for each available agent.

Power – Waits until an agent is available before placing calls. The system adjusts the number of simultaneous calls placed by analysing previous calling attempts.

Predictive – Predicts agent availability and places calls based on internal statistics. The application predicts the number of calls that it must make in order to provide each agent with a connected party at the moment the agent becomes available. Predictive mode is similar to Power mode, except that the system tries to predict when an agent will be idle. It places parallel calls before that, so that by the time a customer answers the call, an agent is just becoming available.

Agentless – Doesn’t use agents or scripts. This dialling mode automatically responds to live contacts or answering machines as directed by campaign settings. For example, a campaign could hang up on answering machines but play a recorded message to live contacts.


Are you running Salesforce, Zendesk, Oracle or some other customer relationship management (CRM) system?

Great! We can integrate with all of those and more – by adding PureCloud interactions within the CRM app or by bringing CRM data into useful places in PureCloud or both.

Integrate with your CRM and other IT systems quickly and easily with our cloud-based configuration tool. Keep systems in sync with bi-directional data flow. All with a few clicks – no SQL queries required.


Voice recognition is everywhere today – Whether it’s Siri or Alexa, voice recognition has come a long way and is now considered mainstream.

PureCloud comes with a built-in Interactive Voice Response (IVR) that includes a simple editor for setting up choices and keywords, and 17 languages!

No 3rd-party licensing, with full language access and you can keep using the telephone touch keys (DTMF) if that’s what you prefer.


Omnichannel Routing

The promise of Omnichannel is that your customer can connect with you on any channel and your system will recognise that customer – and route them to the best agent or support person based on:

  • Previous interaction history
  • Purchases
  • Skill-based routing
  • Availability, etc.

Then to better understand and manage the omnichannel experience, PureCloud offers interactive dashboards and reports for a unified view of omnichannel customer engagement.


PureCloud Social Channel Management connects directly to social sites so you can monitor and respond to social media hubs in the powerful PureCloud agent interface. The initial release covers streaming of publicly available tweets from Twitter and will quickly expand to include many other social hubs including Facebook. You can quickly configure search filters and queue routing through an easy admin form and edit them any time.

Maximise efficiency today by allowing your agents to receive and respond to these social expressions from your customers!


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Dynamic Views

With dynamic performance views, you can deliver consistent customer outcomes by quickly understanding and managing performance in real time.

Dynamic views allow you to see:

  • Who is on hold in the queue
  • Current interactions in progress
  • Full details on agent status and availability
  • Real-time service levels across channels

You can also

  • Set alerts to notify you if service levels drop below thresholds
  • Drill down into the detailed statistics for each agent


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The Heart of the Contact Centre
PureCloud provides real-time and historical data in interactive, dynamic views making it easy to keep tabs on the pulse of the contact centre.

With a single dashboard, supervisors can access information on current state, as well as historical, metrics across all media types. Need voice, chat and email KPIs and metrics all within a single view? No problem! The supervisor dashboard is the ‘control centre’ of the contact centre, giving supervisors the information they need to operate efficiently.

Omnichannel Reports

PureCloud offers both pre-built and customisable reports that offer a consolidated view across channels. Reports are accessible from within the supervisor dashboard making it easy to see the current state of operations along with historical metrics. Reports can be exported and are available in a variety of formats.

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We built our cloud call centre software from the ground up so you get a complete customer engagement solution to serve your needs both today and tomorrow.

With PureCloud, you get:

  • Simple pricing, with annual or month-to-month terms
  • A true cloud architecture that provides continuous improvements
  • A feature-rich solution for complete customer engagement
  • Unparalleled reliability and disaster recovery
  • Amazon Web Services elastic infrastructure with limitless capacity
  • A modern web and mobile user experience
  • Lightning-fast deployment – deploy in days, not weeks. No customisations. No desktop installs.

Turn up new features with a simple license and get quick access to advanced routing and sophisticated applications. Delight customers, generate leads, acquire new business and do it all better and faster.


Consistency is vital in how you speak with customers, but long and tedious scripts make customers hate their experience and agents avoid using them. We’ve created a tool for writing scripts that uses keyword detection and customer identity to streamline conversations – and it works the same way with any channel, making it simple for your support people to find the right answers (and questions…).

You get a simple intuitive script builder that makes it easy for non-technical users to quickly compose and modify powerful real-time guides for agents. No more complexity – it’s hidden. Just point, click, drag and drop. No coding required. And what you see is exactly what agents will see. It’s that easy!


Boost the performance of your workforce and operate more efficiently. Workforce Optimisation capabilities are built right in. You don’t need a separate system for quality assurance or forecasting and scheduling.

Capabilities include multichannel recording, quality management, workforce management, performance monitoring and more.

With PureCloud, we control our customer experience environment without the need for in-house IT. -Ian Roberts, Operations Leader, Quicken Inc.

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