Any modern business uses a variety of systems for different business processes.

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We believe that you should be able to keep your data in your existing systems, but also be able to easily update that data if and when you get better information – through a system where you control the sync rules.

PureCloud has powerful data syncing for both Cloud-to-Cloud and Cloud-to-On-Premises data – with tailored rules that you set up and control which systems are in control of fields, and an extensible data model to add new information to people, groups, locations, the list goes on.

We have a variety of different ways to synchronise data and bring external data into PureCloud views for customer agents, and we are adding more, continuously. PureCloud also has full developer documentation for our Public REST APIs so you can create your own systems, including open source sample projects via GitHub.

Sync your Users and User Data

Synchronise data between your HR or IT systems and PureCloud user profiles. Automatically add and remove people in PureCloud when your HR system updates. Populate profiles one time only or keep profiles in sync with your data when updates occur. Control settings to sync updates from PureCloud back into other systems, including tie-breaking rules.

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Sync with your CRM

Provide advanced call controls inside third-party customer relationship management (CRM) systems. Enable basic call log support, click-to-dial, callbacks, screen pop, email-to-case, etc.

Grab Data from various sources to show in PureCloud

Pull data and make it available for use within a call flow. For example, when a call comes into an IVR, the caller’s information is pulled from an external system based on the phone number used for the call. The caller is then routed to the appropriate workgroup based on the caller’s account type.

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Use Data in PureCloud to change call routing (Object Routing) icon

Use Data in PureCloud to change call routing (Object Routing)

Automatically route objects from your CRM to the PureCloud ACD (Automated Call Distribution) engine. For example, if a customer emails Support, that email is routed to the appropriate queue based on workgroup skills or utilization.

Push PureCloud Data into CRM views (Screen Pop)

Bring a customer’s information in your CRM to the forefront of a recipient’s screen. For example, after a caller enters identifying information into your IVR, the caller’s information in your CRM automatically appears on the agent’s screen.

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PureCloud speaks ‘cloud’ natively, and connects directly to other Cloud Applications 

  • Microsoft Office365, Microsoft Active Directory, Microsoft Outlook
  • CRM – Salesforce, Oracle Service Cloud, Zendesk etc…
  • Interactive Intelligence CIC and CaaS
  • HR – Workday Web Services (WWS) API
  • Single Sign-on (SSO) with OneLogin, Salesforce, Okta, and Ping – Connect PureCloud with your OAuth single sign-on service to expand automated login within your company. PureCloud has both subscription and provider services for OAuth.
  • Chat Notifications with Webhooks – Automatically post events to group chat rooms with Webhook integrations. Use a query in the Admin interface to set up the types of events to push, and then select which group chat rooms should receive those notifications. Take advantage of integrations with third-party systems such as Jenkins, JIRA, Bitbucket, GitHub, and PagerDuty.


PureCloud also has an installable On-premises tool that can connect to systems inside your firewall.

You get the same easy to use cloud-based management and sync rules controls as our cloud-to-cloud connectors.

  • Cloud-to-On-Premises Data Connectors – Microsoft Active Directory, Microsoft Sharepoint, Microsoft Exchange
  • Interactive Intelligence CIC
  • Generic SQL Connector – Do you have your own systems built on Microsoft SQL Server or SQLite? Then use our generic SQL connector to write your own access queries


Or, as an organisation with active accounts you can connect directly to our powerful APIs with some easy to deploy custom code.

Get all your data directly from PureCloud, and push your own custom data directly into PureCloud

PureCloud has a fully-secured and versioned Public REST API with continually updated online developer documentation:

PureCloud is a platform where you can build almost anything – we love to see how customers DIY their own solutions on top of our tools!

Resourceful Help and Tutorials

With an agile product like PureCloud the whole team creates and edits ‘help’ all the time to keep up. Our online Resource Centre covers all the product features; plus we’re adding video tutorials, best practices features and blog posts continually –

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