You’re not in this alone!

Customer support is critical to your organisation. We’re here to make you succeed.

Genesys has the tools and services you need to make your contact centre services work better for your company. We’re the biggest provider in Customer Experience (CX) software, and just like you, we never forget that we got here by listening to our customers and always thinking about their needs.

PureConnect Professional Services

Update your contact centre without disruption by letting us help you through this process. Adopting new software is hard once you start depending on existing systems. Reports change, available data changes, processes have to change. It’s an opportunity and a challenge, but you have to move forward to build your business.

Our Professional Services team has broad and deep experience with bringing PureConnect into many different organisations, and we can work with you to design a plan to apply our services in project automation, with collaboration and feedback along the way to success.

More on Professional Services

PureConnect is an all-in-one solution, written together to work together, but with the ability to connect to other systems if that is what you need -

So Many Integrations...

We’ve helped thousands of organisations adopt PureConnect over the last twenty years, and we can help you define the right adoption path for your company. We understand how important your existing systems are and we can help devise a staged approach for your business All-in-One, but not All-at-Once.

PureConnect Extensibility and Flexibility

PureConnect is built around the concept of extensibility and follows open standards for integrations - to leverage the standards and connections to your other systems.

Genesys AppFoundry

Certified third-party Hardware and Software

PureConnect Online Help and Tools

One of the key lessons we’ve learned is how important great self-guided help is to all our customers-and not just for organisations that run their own systems. We’ve opened up our help to the public with a new system that also makes it much easier to keep everything up to date!

Genesys University–Online and In-Person Training

Interactive Intelligence was well-known for their training offerings, and now you’ll find all of those great programs combined with many new tools for PureConnect at Genesys University.

Off-site, On-site, Remote. Genesys University has customer and partner roles-based training for contact centre professionals and technical implementers. Training centre courses are led by instructors experienced in the Interactive Intelligence solution and the communications industry itself. All classroom and virtual courses are conducted in lab environments that promote hands-on learning and comprehension for students.

Course Catalog

PureConnect Certifications - As a certified PureConnect engineer, professional, administrator or associate, you prove your knowledge and skills on the PureConnect (CIC and CaaS) Platform to your organisation and the entire world.

Support SLAs and Contacts

You’re a service organisation, and so is Genesys. We have support portals and phone lines and Service Level Agreement (SLA) timetables for service issues. There are a lot of details, and we’re on it. If you want to see how we perform, you can read all about the agreements for service and support, priorities and service levels, plus security and privacy in our cloud service portal Terms & Conditions.

Support Services solutions:

  • Packages to fit your organisation
  • Full-time follow-the-sun technical support for your teams
  • Direct connection with certified Interactive Intelligence Support Engineers
  • Software upgrades, updates and fixes via our secured Support Services Portal
  • Access expert knowledge about third-party product solutions, troubleshooting, tips & tricks, and more

Support Services and Values

PureConnect Support Costs

Support that knows your organisation and your systems is important to you; it makes it easier and faster to resolve issues that inevitably turn up in these complex environments. But, as you well know it also costs a lot to keep experts on-hand to answer those calls. PureConnect has support fees that are in line with industry practices, but our service is extraordinary.

“We’ve been able to immediately leverage many of the sophisticated Genesys applications that would’ve taken us months or longer to deploy on-premises.”