Provide the Experience Customers Want

Meet the rapidly evolving expectations of today’s buyers. Connect physical, online and mobile interactions to deliver differentiated customer experiences across every channel and touchpoint. Proactively connect with customers while addressing concerns around authentication and security.

Optimise Every Interaction

Support seamless, omnichannel engagement to deliver optimal experiences, close more sales and increase workforce efficiency.

Gain Greater Efficiency

Understand the reason for each contact and apply business knowledge to rapidly resolve issues on the customer’s preferred channel. Connect customers to the most appropriate agent anywhere in the organisation – from the contact centre to retail outlets to the back office.

Deliver Proactive Notifications

Eliminate the cost and significant impact on loyalty of customers making repeat calls. Keep customers informed about progress, so they don’t have to contact you.

Provide Proactive Web Engagement

Monitor web behaviour and proactively offer customer assistance to increase sales conversions, reduce returns and drive up profits.

Offer Integrated Mobile Customer Engagement

Offer mobile apps to deliver a coordinated customer experience across channels. Enable customers the convenience to switch to an assisted-service channel when they need additional help.