Replace or add to your Avaya contact center

Go at your desired pace

Here are a few factors to consider when deciding whether to replace or add to your Avaya contact center.

Considerations Replace Add to
We want to make a significant move to manage risk through diversification    
Our contact center has multiple years of useful life left but we still need to manage risk.    
We need to innovate the customer experience as quickly as possible.    
Our desire is to add incremental contact center functionality. We’ll do more later.    
We want to move to the cloud in short order, especially with upgrade costs looming.    
Our team is looking at cloud but we can’t move until our system fully depreciates.    
We don’t want to spend another dime on our aging contact center technology.    
Our team is shifting investment dollars to add a next generation platform for the future.    
We’re at risk of losing IT staff who want to work with the latest in CX technology.    

Go with Cloud, Premises or Hybrid

Pick what’s right for you

You probably understand the benefits of the cloud by now. Here are a few things to consider if you’re still wrestling with which way to go. Hybrid is a solid option too.


Rapid time to market
Access to resources and expertise
Rapid, unlimited scale
Support cloud-first strategy
Subscription payments


Full access and control
Own the technology used
Internal customization and development
Subscription payments

Pay up-front or over time

Consume how you want

One of the many economic benefits of subscription-based services is moving expenditures from a Capital Expenditure (CapEx) to Operating Expenditure (OpEx). Essentially, these are accounting terms. To simplify, we are talking about the timing of cash outlays - paying upfront versus over time.

Often, the CapEx versus OpEx. discussion centers around cloud solutions versus on-premise systems. However, software vendors gradually are adopting subscription-based licensing for on-premise solutions. Regardless of the delivery model, there are several considerations when deciding between paying upfront versus paying over time for resources.


Narrowing down the options

Strategy and criteria drive consensus

There is no one right answer to any of the questions raised above. It all comes down to your company’s strategy, preference and requirements. To gain clarity and consensus, determine which answers best support your corporate, customer experience and IT strategies. Then sit down with major stakeholders to validate the results and uncover additional criteria to consider.

After a few collaborative working sessions, answers will become clear and the team will rally around the direction set. And we’re here to help. Our solution consultants can assist with organizing working sessions, or we can refer you to top third-party industry experts if that’s your preference. A PureBridge workshop is a great place to start.

Ready for your new way forward?

Take the first step

Get started by developing a plan that fits your particular business needs and priorities, now and in the future. PureBridge by Genesys is a unique program we’ve created that offers an array of migration strategies, hands-on support and team training to help modernize your contact center.

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