1 - Go global and scale limitlessly

Don’t let size or geography slow you down

Make sure the cloud and provider you choose have global reach and massive scale. This is critical to deliver consistent omnichannel experiences anywhere in the world. With a single cloud engine to power your international operations, you'll benefit from a global data center footprint that can support thousands of agents worldwide.

2 - Consume technology the way you want

Don’t be forced to conform

Get the flavor of cloud you prefer - private, public or hybrid. Secure the ability to customize applications to your requirements. Integrate with as many new and existing systems as you need. Have flexible telco and networking options too, anywhere in the world.

3 - Get enterprise-grade security and reliability

Don’t compromise

Choose a provider with a dedicated, world-class security team. Check external audits and industry certifications, such as Payment Card Industry (PCI), Service Organization Control (SOC), ISO 27001 Information Security Standard, Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) and EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). Ensure that data centers are top tier.

Demand geographically distributed, high availability and rock-solid business continuity. Gain seamless failover to protect your business and brand.

4 - Be powered by a cloud of innovation

Don’t get left behind

Make sure your provider is future-proof and has a solid history of innovation, quickly incorporating the latest in technology. See that architectures and deployment methods are agile and DevOps friendly. Validate that microservices are in the mix. Tap into an ecosystem of partners that add innovation to the platform.

5 - Choose a provider that makes you smarter

Don’t underestimate the importance of experience

Round out your team by adding leading customer experience experts. Apply their knowledge and expertise to empower the business to deliver personalized, seamless customer experiences. Help your IT staff reach hero status.

Genesys delivers in the cloud

Ten quick facts about PureEngage Cloud

Genesys PureEngage Cloud is the only cloud that delivers true omnichannel customer engagement worldwide.

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