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I need to take a significant step in managing my Avaya risk through diversification. The contact center is a great place to start, especially as we face substantial upgrade costs. It will have the greatest impact on the business and provide customers with personalized, effortless experiences across a growing number of digital and voice channels. I’d prefer to remove all dependencies on Avaya to simplify our contact center environment and speed customer experience innovation. We’ll continue to use Avaya for telephony in the enterprise to get the most out of our investment. Long term, we might keep our Avaya voice infrastructure or move forward with a more modern collaboration platform.

Sound familiar? If so, keep reading.

What it looks like and how it works

A reference architecture for replacing your Avaya contact center with PureEngage

Here’s a diagram and simplified contact flow to get a feel for the different Genesys PureEngage components and the roles they play. Notice Avaya is still in the picture to handle enterprise telephony.

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Solution Components

Media Gateway

Media Gateways (MGWs, MGs or GWs) provide connectivity and translation between TDM voice networks and voice over internet protocol (VoIP) based networks.

Session Border Controller

Session Border Controllers (SBCs) are devices or software applications that control the signaling and media streams involved in setting up, conducting and tearing down VoIP sessions. VoIP sessions include those for voice, video or other interactive media. SBCs often are used to protect the borders between service provider and customer networks, as well as between locations within a customer’s network.

SIP Server

The SIP Server is a software-only SIP softswitch and software ACD which manages all telephony signaling in a Genesys SIP environment. The SIP Server also is used for a variety of functions, such as general interworking in a SIP environment and communication with other Genesys components. SIP Server acts as a SIP B2BUA (back-to-back user agent) and controls the flow of SIP requests and responses between SIP endpoints, performing the switching functions that the PBX or ACD normally performs. The SIP Server is used in conjunction with the Media Server to provide integrated self-service and call parking or queuing.

Resource Manager

The Resource Manager controls access and routing to the Media Server, Media Control Platform (MCP) and other resources. The Resource Manager receives inbound requests from SIP Server. It processes requests for services, interacts with Configuration Server to determine the resource required to deliver the service and delivers the call to the respective resource group.

Media Control Platform / Media Server (MCPs pool)

The Media Control Platform (MCP) provides media-centric services for both the Media Server and Genesys Voice Platform (GVP). It can be configured as a Media Server to support general media resource functions, such as announcements, conferences, call progress analysis and call recording. The MCP also is configured to support IVR services for the Genesys Voice Platform.

Outbound Contact Server

Outbound Contact Server (OCS) automates customer outreach, helping your organization become more productive and cost-effective. It enables customer contact centers to proactively manage multi-channel campaigns for voice, e-mail, SMS and blended outbound campaigns for proactive customer communications, telemarketing and debt collections.


Orchestration combines a routing engine, business rules and contextual information to intelligently distribute interactions to the right contact center resources, based on business objectives and the current state of contact center resources.


Receives events on interaction processing and the current status of contact center resources.

Configuration and Management

The Operations, Administration, Maintenance and Provisioning (OAM& P) components provide centralized configuration, management and alarming of the entire Genesys environment.

Workspace Desktop Edition (WDE)

The Genesys Workspace Desktop is an agent-facing application that enables agents to manage customer interactions across a variety customer touchpoints, such as voice, email, chat, social media and SMS. WDE integrates various channels and gives agents access to tools and insights, including standard responses, customer history, KPIs and other key information.

SIP Softphone

SIP Softphone is a software-based SIP endpoint agents use to provide voice communication directly through the agent desktop.

Use cases

Repeatable, proven and trustworthy

Genesys has documented use cases and architecture patterns known to be repeatable, proven and trustworthy. By leveraging these use cases, a proven strategy can be developed to ensure an expeditious and cost-effective deployment.

Learn more about Genesys use cases

How to make it happen

Best practices from other successful migrations

You’re not the first to consider migrating your Avaya contact center to Genesys. Top brands around the world are doing so at an increasing pace. Benefit from the experiences of others and let us, the experts, be your guide.

Explore three popular migration strategies.

  • Migrate your contact center over in a single shot. Address one business unit at a time. All solutions, telephony infrastructure and agents move at once for each center deployed

  • Migrate one solution at a time. Get familiar with the platform deploying self-service, add inbound and finish with digital. Or pick a different order. You decide.

  • Migrate all solutions and agents and phase telephony deployment. Some agents continue to use Avaya for telephony until you’re ready to make the switch to Genesys for all.

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Others who chose this option

ICICI replaces their outdated system to deliver a consistent, omnichannel customer experience

As India’s largest private-sector bank, ICICI Bank struggled with an outdated contact center infrastructure that delivered an inconsistent experience for their customers. They turned to Genesys for help. Requiring an integrated solution that could break down operational and communication silos, they chose the Genesys Customer Experience Platform.

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Get started by developing a plan that fits your particular business needs and priorities, now and in the future. PureBridge by Genesys is a unique program we’ve created that offers an array of migration strategies, hands-on support and team training to help modernize your contact center.

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