This 5* international hotel chain aims be the world-class benchmark for customer experience, and has aggressive expansion targets and plans to increase its property portfolio by 25%.

Its customers have incredibly high expectations, which extend from the actual experience at the hotels, to the experiences delivered by sales and customer service professionals located in the contact centres. 

Genesys Performance DNA underpins recruitment and individual assessments right through to scheduling. It is quick and easy to pinpoint which individuals have skill gaps and identify what training is required, avoiding an expensive and disruptive ‘train everybody’ approach. Managers can see what training is delivering the best results, track progress on an on-going basis, and provide robust and timely agent feedback.


  • Increased quality and customer satisfaction scores
  • Lower average handling time and substantially reduced abandonment rates (against a backdrop of a 30% increase in call volumes)
  • Improved employee performance across contact centers and hotels