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Most contact centers have implemented multichannel customer service capabilities by deploying point solutions for social, web or mobile customer service from different vendors. Given that customers today expect consistent experiences across all digital and voice channels, this “interaction silo” contact center approach is limited in its ability to enable omnichannel customer experiences (CX).

Genesys commissioned Forrester Consulting to conduct a Total Economic Impact™ (TEI) study* and to examine the potential return on investment (ROI) enterprises may realize by deploying its Omnichannel Engagement Center Solution, powered by the Genesys Customer Experience Platform. Forrester interviewed enterprise customers across the globe who have worked with Genesys to modernize their contact centers and enable omnichannel customer experiences.

*The Total Economic Impact™ Of The Genesys Omnichannel Engagement Center Solution, a commissioned study conducted by Forrester Consulting, February 2016

Forrester TEI Study Highlights

According to the Forrester TEI Study, enterprise companies are achieving:

  • 158% ROI Over Five Years
  • Payback in 12.8 Months
  • $20M+ Reduction in Infrastructure Costs
  • $7600+ NPV Per Agent License

In addition, enterprise companies have achieved:

  • $1.1M

    in Increased Revenue

  • 50%

    Reduction in Customer Abandonment

  • 12.5%

    Improvement in Agent Handle Time

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ROI CALCULATOR: Find Out Your ROI in 5 Minutes

You understand the urgency to deliver omnichannel customer experiences. A key challenge is building the business case. Use this online calculator designed by Forrester experts and find out what your ROI and benefits look like.

The ROI calculator requires you to input 9 questions such as monthly call volume, number of agents, current average handle time (AHT) etc. and takes 5-7 minutes to complete. At the end, you will be able to instantly download a 12-page TEI document prepared exclusively for you! It will provide a detailed analysis of the ROI and benefits your company can achieve by implementing the Genesys Omnichannel Engagement Center Solution.

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INFOGRAPHIC: Omnichannel Engagement Center Solution Benefits

World’s leading brands use the Genesys Omnichannel Engagement Center Solution to deliver next generation customer experiences. Using the Genesys solution, companies are able to improve agent productivity and efficiency of customer service across all digital and voice touchpoints, channels and journeys. They accomplish this while increasing revenue and significantly reducing technology and personnel costs. The TEI Study quantified specific costs, benefits and metrics that matter most to customers.

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