Build, Deploy and Manage Powerful Self-Service Applications to Support Omnichannel Customer Journeys

In today’s economy, the importance of self-service in the support of an omnichannel customer journey has never been greater. Customer engagement is rapidly transforming in contact center self-service as well as assisted service. In the contact center, self-service has traditionally been offered for a specific touchpoint using a single channel: voice, web, mobile, and social. The resulting self service applications are inconsistent and are of varying effectiveness, and often follow self-directed and random journeys.

New omnichannel self-service is far more dynamic than traditional self-service and links seamlessly to assisted service, taking into account the context of each and every customer (activity, profile, next best action, etc.).

Multimodality further complements the presentation of information in one channel with assistance from another. Using a multimodal self-service approach will delight customers while simultaneously driving better business outcomes, more sales, lower expense and better brand loyalty. Consider, for instance, the following example of an omnichannel self service experience:

Self-Service Mobile App for Omnichannel Customer Journeys

When a person calls a business for assistance, the IVR offers the customer complementary visual information in a web browser or a mobile app. The visual information complements the spoken word from the IVR and handles the more complex information sharing or survey type interactions.

Whether on the phone, on the web, in a mobile application or a combination of multiple channels – customers prefer self service interactions that are simple, efficient and available at any time over any channel. When this is achieved, organizations will get the highest possible percentage of completed transactions via self-service while producing positive experiences.

Set your company apart from the competition by:

  • Designing a customer-centric multimodal inbound IVR experience
  • Easily automating routine transactions and customer interactions
  • Personalizing each caller’s experience via CRM integrations
  • Utilizing analytics to understand how customers are interacting with your company
  • Improve assisted service with tight integration to the IVR
  • Offer multimodal customer experiences that complement the presentation of information in one channel with assistance from another
  • Carry context from one channel to another so the customer always has a seamless conversation with your company

The Genesys Customer Experience Platform allows our customers to seamlessly integrate their self-service applications with Proactive Customer Communications, and award-winning Genesys routing capabilities. Utilize the Genesys Self-Service deployment method that best meets your business requirements: Cloud, Hybrid, or On-Premises.


Cloud-based Self-Service IVR: the simplicity of the cloud combined with the best-in-class Genesys IVR

Award Winning IVR

Genesys IVR is recognized year after year as a leading IVR platform by industry analysts.


Multiple deployment options to meet your business requirements: from on-demand to managed service to platform as a service (PaaS).

Strong Array of Tools

Manage your IVR and self-service applications with the right toolset: business-user focused, web-based point & click functionality to technical integrated development environment (IDE) capabilities.


Obtain actionable analytics on the end-to-end customer experience and truly revolutionize the service you are able to deliver your customers.


Ensure your self-service applications are not limited to voice and instead meet your customers where they are, whether via email, web, SMS, chat, or mobile – all while carrying forward context from one channel to another to deliver a seamless customer experience.

Security & Reliability

Genesys cloud self-self-service solutions are PCI level 1 certified, HIPAA compliant and SSAE 16 audited, ISO 27001 certified, multiple geographically dispersed data centers and a 99.999% uptime SLA.

CRM Integration

Integration with your CRM (, Zendesk, or others) or any web service lets you personalize all your customer interactions, and demonstrate to customers that you value their business by anticipating why they are calling to ensure they can be helped quickly and efficiently.


The Genesys self service solution was enhanced through the acquisition of SpeechStorm in December 2015. As SpeechStorm was previously a partner of Genesys, these capabilities were quickly added to the Genesys Self-Service IVR offering.

Unlike traditional Interactive Voice Response (IVR), Genesys delivers customer experiences which are customized to the caller’s identity, characteristics, preferences, where they are in their customer journey, transaction history, and context of previous interactions.

That means the IVRs do not just present the same, mind-numbing menus to every single caller. Instead, each caller is offered a tailored menu, with just a few of the options most relevant to them. Sometimes the IVR simply asks them to confirm the reason it already anticipated for their call. Then the IVR can continue to tailor that experience as the call progresses, based on more information becoming available, or in accordance with the customer’s own behavior.

Our experience shows that customers are 2x as likely to use self-service when presented with personalized options. Just imagine the costs savings this alone can bring about. While the option to speak to an agent should be available to the customer at all times, by offering great self-service alternatives, many calls will be diverted away from the contact center, resulting in substantial costs savings and better agent deployment, as agents are able to focus on the more complex queries.

Empowering your front line is also at the core of offering a great and effortless customer experience. Genesys allows you to give your agents the right insights to understand how each customer journey is proceeding, and provide the tools in the form of an intuitive business user interface to correct any deviations and continually improve the experience.

Features of Personalized IVR include:

  • Personas - delivering a customized experience in the form of the language, tone and voice used
  • Intelligent Call Steering - routing calls based on customer data, context & capacity
  • Interceptors & Shock Absorbers – conditional routing and messages
  • Self-Service – giving customers the choice to access information and services for everyday tasks
  • Touchtone & Speech Recognition - interactions by keying or simply speaking responses
  • Customer Journeys – delivering insights into the customer journey

The Genesys self service solution was enhanced through the acquisition of SpeechStorm in December 2015. As SpeechStorm was previously a partner of Genesys, these capabilities were quickly added to the Genesys Self-Service IVR offering.

Delivering a great customer experience includes making your customers feel secure in their interactions with your business. Handling sensitive customer data securely protects your customers, your business and your employees.

Genesys PCI Compliant Payment applications ensure card payment security that is both timely and cost-effective to deploy. The applications offer peace of mind by ensuring that no adviser has the opportunity to hear or capture sensitive card information.

Secure payment applications can be used as part of a self-service or agent-assisted interaction and are compliant with the strict requirements of the Payment Card Industry Security Standards Council (PCISSC). These standards specify how card data should be handled, encrypted and stored, so that even when a transaction is processed as part of an agent-assisted call, sensitive card information is not overheard or stored.

When used within an agent-assisted interaction, at the appropriate point in the call, the customer can be transferred to the payment capture application to speak or enter the card number, expiry date and security code, with the peace of mind that none of the details can be overheard. Once the payment has been processed, the call can be reconnected to the agent if required.

For self-service applications, payment capture can be fully integrated with Personalized IVR, enabling customers to make debit and credit card payments conveniently and securely without having to speak to an agent.