Proactive Customer Communications

Maximize Profitability by Contacting Customers Over Multiple Preferred Channels

More than 75% of consumers desire more proactive communications from organizations. Communications that are:

  • Personalized
  • Delivered at the right time
  • Via the consumer’s preferred channel

Organizations responding to their customers’ needs and expectations through Proactive Customer Communications (PCC), include Collections and Care applications such as:

  • Appointment confirmations
  • Customer satisfaction surveys
  • Service outage notifications
  • Fraud alerts
  • Billing reminders and payment authorizations. 

Why launch a proactive communications strategy? Simple. The results are impressive. Genesys clients achieve significant cost savings through the deflection of costly inbound calls to the contact center. PCC applications anticipate and proactively address customer needs and issues via less costly automated communications channels. 

Plus, proactively communicating with customers with personalized, relevant messages over their preferred communications channel strengthens relationships, increases loyalty, and ultimate drives revenue.

Genesys offers a suite of industry-leading Proactive Customer Communications solutions that utilize multiple channels including outbound IVR, predictive/preview dialing, SMS messaging, email, and mobile web to help organizations reach their customers through compliant contact strategies.

Outbound communications are subject to government regulations with strict compliance requirements about when organizations can contact consumers, how often, and through what channels. Genesys Proactive Customer Communications solutions include a built-in suite of self-service controls that enable our clients to simplify and maintain compliance, as well as a solution to grow and manage customer opt-in.

Genesys PCC is a natural fit with any size contact center and may be installed in any deployment model (cloud, hybrid, on-premises) across multiple departments of any enterprise. PCC can be used to effectively enhance the customer journey from initial product or service selection to onboarding through the ongoing servicing of the customer.

Mobile Marketing

Achieve your brand's marketing goals across the customer lifecycle.


Payments and Collections

Maximize debt collection by increasing contact rates and improving agent productivity.


Proactive Customer Care

Anticipate Customer Needs, Proactively Solve Issues, and Build Lifelong Profitable Customer Relationships.


Compliance for Outbound Communications

Genesys simplifies compliance with suite of built-in tools, including a self-service dynamic rules builder.