Travel & Hospitality

Unleash the Power of Great Customer Experience in Travel and Hospitality

Today's Challenges in Travel and Hospitality

Today’s increasingly bargain-hungry travelers expect great customer experiences. Delivering personalized service to your travel and hospitality customers and quickly resolving their problems across every interaction is essential for market growth.

Travel industry margins remain thin and under pressure, making for a challenging operating environment. Travelers increasingly employ new web and mobile apps, as well as social networks to find the best deals, peer reviews and to communicate with travel and hospitality providers. To compete, providers need to provide aggressive differentiation, and the ability to contact customers wherever and whenever they need to reach them.

Improve the Journey With Genesys

Genesys enables you to deliver great cross-channel customer experiences for your travelers. Multi-channel proactive applications allow your customers to indicate their desired method of contact, as well as the scalability to reach them during seasonal periods when activity is at its peak. Whichever channel they choose, Genesys enables your teams to utilize customer preferences, call context (including the reason for contact), and apply business knowledge to intelligently route them to the most appropriate available resource. Genesys enables direct access via mobile devices to assisted service through voice, chat or email, and notifies your agents what has already occurred and where each traveler resides in his or her customer journey. Genesys lets you capture, analyze and route social posts to the best resources, allowing fast responses and the ability move public conversations to private channels for final resolution – thus reducing negative impacts and increasing customer loyalty.

Even while delivering great traveler experiences, you can reduce costs. Genesys enables you to plan, schedule, analyze and train your workforce so that your best people are available to assist your best travelers when needed.

Genesys Value Enablers for Travel and Hospitality

Contact Center Virtualization

Utilize your Contact Center resources effectively to provide great customer experiences and reduce costs. Genesys virtualizes your Contact Center to identify the best available agents anywhere.

Proactive Web Engagement

Reduce calls from travelers who cannot complete a transaction on the Web and keep them from going elsewhere. Genesys monitors your customers’ web behavior and proactively offers assisted service.


Enable your mobile application to deliver a coordinated customer experience across channels, even when assisted service is needed.


Minimize the impact on your brand as travelers share their problems with your brand to the whole world. Genesys enables you to take control of social media before situations get out of hand.

Workforce Optimization

Plan, train and assess employees to achieve both operational efficiency and effectiveness. Genesys offers a full range of solutions to enable you manage your employee engagement.