Unleash the Power of Great Customer Experience in Retail

Today's Retail Challenges

Traditional retailing and associated customer experiences are changing rapidly as technology drives the evolution of buyer behaviors. The competition between brick-and-mortar, online sites and mobile apps impacts how customers engage, when they employ different channels and how they express loyalty. As buyers increasingly move online, retailers must use more proactive methods for connecting with customers, while addressing concerns around authentication and security. 

Modern technology has given birth to “show-rooming,” where physical stores become little more than display areas for online sites. While web and mobile stores can simplify the shopping experience, customers can quickly become frustrated if they cannot get the assistance they need in a reasonable amount of time. The challenge is to combine the best of physical and online worlds to deliver optimal experiences and drive better business results.

Optimizing the Retail Experience with Genesys

As customer interactions become cross-channel and conversational, Genesys uniquely enables you to have richer conversations by connecting physical, online and mobile interactions, and delivering differentiated customer experiences across every touchpoint (traditional, mobile and social).

Genesys also helps you address the challenges of today's modern retail landscape by:

  • Increasing profits and reducing customer churn through a highly scalable, data-driven virtual workforce; 
  • Proactively informing customers of order progress, inventory status, delivery appointments and other service or sales opportunities to improve customer loyalty; and
  • Ensuring security and regulatory compliance, without degrading customer experience.

Unlike some vendor’s solutions, Genesys enables your teams to understand the reason for each contact and apply business knowledge to rapidly resolve the issues, whichever channel customers choose to connect with your business. Genesys connects customers to the most appropriate agent available anywhere in the entire organization — from the Contact Center to retail outlets to the back office.

Genesys Value for Retail

Contact Center Virtualization

Utilize your Contact Center resources effectively to provide great customer experiences and reduce costs. Genesys virtualizes your Contact Center to identify the best available agents anywhere.

Proactive Web Engagement

Interrupted transactions can cause your customers to go elsewhere, so Genesys monitors web behavior and proactively offers customers assistance as needed.


Enable your mobile apps to deliver a coordinated customer experiences across channels.

Proactive Notifications

Eliminate the cost and significant impact on loyalty of customers making repeat calls. Genesys enables you to keep the customer informed about progress, so they don’t have to contact you.