Unleash the Power of Great Customer Experience in Insurance


Today’s Insurance Challenges

Insurance providers must serve the needs of two distinct customer audiences: policy holders, and agents and brokers. In today’s environment, ease of doing business and 24/7 access to personalized services are among the most important factors influencing which provider an agent or policy holder will select. Customers frequently change providers because of poor customer service or the inability to resolve issues easily. Additionally, customers rarely interact with their insurance provider, making it even more difficult to foster customer loyalty.

Compounding the loyalty challenge is the fact that insurance sales often occur in product silos, limiting cross-sell and up-sell opportunities, and making differentiation difficult. Customers are focused on price rather than differences in insurance brands or cover. While insurance buyers readily use the Internet for quick online comparisons, conversion rates remain low. This results in lost sales opportunities due to the fact that customers are not proactively engaged during key moments of truth.

Optimizing the Insurance Experience with Genesys

Unlike other CX vendors, Genesys enables providers to deliver extraordinary customer experiences over all interactions, touchpoints and channels, thus reducing costs and efficiently managing risks and compliance. Whichever channel your customers choose, Genesys enables your staff to understand the context and reason for contact-allowing the agent to apply knowledge, account history and best practices to any issue. With the industry leading, patented routing technology, Genesys evaluates agent skills and availability, and connects customers to the best resource available. Genesys also monitors online activity and proactively offers assisted service that increases sales conversion rates and reduces costs.

Mobile apps have become one of the primary channels for the Insurance industry with services such as First Notification Of Loss (FNOL) and emergency assistance requests. By integrating assisted service through voice (without the IVR), chat, email, and callback capabilities, Genesys keeps agents informed of customer status and even location and the customer updated on progress.

For back office operations, Genesys prioritizes and proactively distributes claims and policy amendments anywhere in the organization. It also provides business intelligence so you can significantly improve operational efficiency, meet SLAs and measure regulatory compliance.

Proactive Web Engagement

Monitor web behavior and proactively offer customers assistanc via chat, co-browse or call back to minimize interrupted transactions that can cause your customers to go elsewhere or your call center

Mobile Service and Support

Assist your customers via mobile applications. Mobile applications make it even easier for your customers to access backing services, but sometimes they still need assistance. Genesys enables your customers to directly access mobile service and support through voice (without the IVR), chat or email, while informing your agents with context, location and history.

Back Office Productivity

More effectively administer back office processes by actively managing workload distribution, uncovering insights and optimizing the workforce.

Contact Center Virtualization

Utilize your Contact Center resources effectively to provide great customer experiences and reduce costs. Genesys virtualizes your Contact Center to identify the best available agents anywhere.

Workforce Optimization

Plan, train and assess employees to achieve both operational efficiency and effectiveness. Genesys offers a full range of solutions to help you manage your employee engagement.