Unleash the Power of Great Citizen Experience in Government


Today's Governing Challenges

Federal, state and local government agencies offer a complex and varied array of programs to a wide segment of the population. Even as budgets shrink and regulation increases, governmental agencies are also facing unprecedented pressures to provide services quickly and protect programs from fraud and abuse.

Although the Web simplifies self-service processes, citizens are easily frustrated if they cannot get the assistance they need during a transaction, which leads to abandonment and restarting interactions again on alternate channels. Administrative tasks, such as address changes or service requests, can be difficult to track efficiently. And, keeping citizens informed en masse or individually is a challenging task made more complex by the use of multiple channels.

Improving the Citizen Experience with Genesys

Genesys helps agencies provide public services more efficiently and effectively by streamlining citizen interactions, while reducing the potential for errors and improving compliance. Whichever channel citizens choose, Genesys, unlike other solutions, enables you to understand context and reason for contact – and applies knowledge, account history and best practices to satisfy the request. With the industry's best routing technology, Genesys evaluates skills and availability, and connects citizens to the best resource available to assist them. Genesys also proactively offers online assisted service that increases completion rates, stops users from changing channel and reduces costs. Departments and agencies can prioritize and proactively distribute administrative tasks anywhere in the organization using Genesys. It also provides Business Intelligence so you can significantly improve operational efficiency, meet SLAs and measure regulatory compliance.

Genesys allows your agency to effectively notify constituents via phone, email, SMS, or other channels and to segment notifications by language or affected area. The highly flexible Genesys Customer Experience Platform automates communication with citizens, emergency responders, and other agencies freeing staff for more critical tasks. And only Genesys can handle the "return wave" of citizen response to notification without tying up 911 and 311 lines.

Genesys Value Enablers for Government Agencies

Proactive Web Engagement

Monitor web behavior and proactively offer citizens assistance as needed to minimize Interrupted transactions that can cause your constituents to switch to higher-cost channels, like the call center.

Proactive Notifications

Reduce the impact of customers swamping your Contact Center with calls for updates when there is a problem or service outage. Genesys enables you to keep customers informed of progress, so they don’t have to call.

Back Office Productivity

Manage the back office more effectively by taking control of workload distribution, providing management insight and optimizing the workforce.