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Unleash the Power of Great Customer Experience in Energy and Utilities

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Developing a consistent omnichannel service is the biggest challenge for energy and utility companies when trying to engage with customers. Energy and utility providers are seeking to prioritize the customer experience (including billing), and optimization of the self-service channels is seen as key areas for improving the experience while impacting costs. In addition, many sales and service interactions – spanning work items, faxes, payments, and service requests – involve multi-step business processes that include multiple contacts with customers, internal departments and third parties.

Genesys Powers Optimal Customer Journeys for Each of Your Customers

The Genesys Customer Experience Platform unifies not only the customer touchpoints and channels, but also coordinates the back office processes involved in supporting customers. This is seen as a major opportunity for energy and utility providers to improve the customer experience and reduce costs.

Using industry leading omnichannel queuing and patented routing technology Genesys prioritizes and proactively distributes any contact center, branch and back office interaction, such as account updates or billing queries. It evaluates skills and availability, and connects customers' interactions to the best resource available to assist them.

The use of self-service solutions, such as mobile apps, offers a way to move calls away from costly agents and to improve the customer experience, adding flexibility for customers. For instance customers can:

  • view and pay bills
  • check account balances
  • sign up for or renew services
  • review meter readings

However, customers often need assistance leading to them either phoning in or going elsewhere. Through proactive chat, co-browse and web callback, Genesys is able to stop these inter-channel transfers, improving the customer’s experience and reducing the cost to serve.

Genesys Value Enablers

Proactive Web Engagement

Monitor web behavior and proactively offer customers assistance as needed to minimize Interrupted transactions that can cause your customers to switch to higher-cost channels, like the call center.

Mobile Support and Service

Enable your mobile apps to deliver a coordinated customer experiences across channels.

Proactive Notifications

Reduce the impact of customers swamping your contact center with calls for updates when there is a problem or service outage. Genesys enables utilities to keep customers informed of progress, so they don’t have to call.

Back Office Productivity

More effectively administer back office processes by actively managing workload distribution, uncovering insights and optimizing the workforce.

Personalized IVR

Anticipate the nature of each call through the use of personalized IVR to deliver a customized experience to each caller. Genesys helps transform the voice channel from a source of customer frustration and churn into a channel which helps achieve higher NPS.