Unleash the Power of Great Customer Experience in Banking

Today's Challenges in Banking

Banks are struggling to retain customers while providing better customer service and reducing operational costs. All of this is compounded by demands around greater regulation. Online banking makes self-service easier, but your customers can get frustrated if they can't get assistance when needed, and have to repeat information that they have already provided.

Optimizing the Banking Experience with Genesys

Unlike some vendors who only focus on few channels, Genesys enables banking organizations to deliver great customer experiences through every interaction, touchpoint and channel, reducing costs and better managing regulatory compliance. Whichever channel customers choose, Genesys enables you to understand context and the reason for contact, and apply knowledge, account history and best practices to the issue.

Using industry leading omnichannel queuing and patented routing technology, Genesys prioritizes and proactively distributes any contact center, branch and back office interaction, such as account update or loan application, anywhere in the organization. It evaluates skills and availability, and connects customer’s interactions to the best resource available to assist them.

The Genesys Customer Experience Platform has an advanced range of workforce optimization capabilities help you plan, schedule, train and evaluate your people in customer service – so the best person is always equipped and available to assist your customers in real time. Strong business Intelligence components give you new insights and help you significantly improve operational efficiency, meet SLAs and measure regulatory compliance.

Genesys Value Enablers for Banking

Contact Center Virtualization

Utilize virtual contact center resources to deliver customers to your best available agents, wherever they are located.

Proactive Web Engagement

Monitor web behavior and proactively offer customers assistance via chat, co-browse or call back to minimize interrupted transactions that can cause your customers to go elsewhere or your call center

Mobile Service and Support

Assist your customers via mobile applications. Mobile applications make it even easier for your customers to access backing services, but sometimes they still need assistance. Genesys enables your customers to directly access mobile service and support through voice (without the IVR), chat or email, while informing your agents with context, location, and history.

Payment and Collections

Increase the efficiency of your collections staff and increase collection rates. Genesys helps you engage more effectively and efficiently with customers across channels.

Back Office Productivity

Manage the back office more effectively by taking control of workload distribution, providing management insight and optimizing the workforce.

Workforce Optimization

Plan, train and assess employees to achieve both operational efficiency and effectiveness. Genesys offers a full range of solutions to help you manage your employee engagement.

Personalized IVR

Anticipate the nature of each call through the use of personalized IVR to deliver a customized experience to each caller. Genesys helps transform the voice channel from a source of customer frustration and churn into a channel which helps achieve higher NPS.