Differentiate Your Brand With Solutions to Meet Your Industry-Specific Needs

All industries face growing demands from their customers to solve problems faster, provide more mobile and self-service capabilities, and deliver better customer experiences

For many organizations this has resulted in disparate silos of service to be managed, underpinned by a patchwork of technology. Businesses are facing these challenges and the demand for better service on smaller budgets. They also face industry-specific challenges and specific customer needs tied to industry offerings, perceived standards and competitive pressures – as well as regulatory compliance.

Genesys enables you to provide industry-specific service differentiation, while you drive loyalty with great cross-channel customer experiences. This increases your revenue generation, as well as productivity and operational efficiency. You are able to connect and manage customer interactions across all communication channels, for both self-service and assisted service offerings. By discerning the reasons customers are contacting you and applying knowledge of previous history and context, customers are routed to the best options that serve their needs and resolve the issues at hand.

All businesses are impacted by industry-specific regulation to varying degrees. Keeping track of compliance across business and technology silos is difficult, so Genesys applies business intelligence and quality monitoring through text and speech analytics to help you measure and improve regulatory compliance. Genesys can also help you implement a framework to measure and optimize your workforce through forecasting, planning, scheduling, training and quality management.

Genesys enables you to accelerate your return on industry-specific investments by leveraging existing technology through open integration, increasing your agility and speed to market.