Enterprise Workload Management

Improve Workforce Efficiency and the End-to-End Experience Through Enterprise Workload Management

To increase customer retention, organizations need to focus on creating great customer experiences and omnichannel customer journeys within the call center. But common business practices for enterprise workload management can put that loyalty at risk.

Managing the End-to-End Customer Journey

Call centers have become highly efficient and effective organizations when it comes to handling different types of communication channels such as voice, email, chat and even social media interactions. When it comes to following up on a customer conversation or managing offline work tasks, efficiency levels drop drastically as these offline work items are not managed through the same principles as interaction channels.

Enterprise Workload Management– Interactions & Workflow

Back Office Optimization

In the typical customer service organization, offline work items are unmanaged and the time required to address them is untracked. This makes it nearly impossible to optimize the productive time of your agents. Back office departments can be far less efficient than frontline operations. Work items are kept in a multitude of different applications or systems and your employees spend unproductive time “searching” for the next task to tackle or, worse still, “cherry picking” the tasks they enjoy, instead of handling the most important tasks. Genesys research reveals that 28% of your back office employees’ time is spent performing unproductive tasks.

Improve Efficiency through Automation

Supervisors have to manually assign tasks to their teams and try to manage different data sets to track productivity. This limited insight into the workload hampers your operational efficiency, resulting in frequent backlogs and impacting your service level agreements. As a result, your customers can experience inconsistency and delays in the service you provide, and in turn they try to contact you to understand what is happening. This adds to the inefficiency and complexity of managing the end-to-end experience for your customers.

Genesys solutions for enterprise workload management combine real-time presence-state of your call center agents and back office staff with skills-based routing capabilities. Now your supervisors can manage your offline contact center tasks and back-office work items more efficiently.

Back Office Productivity

Route back office work items based on your employee’s skill and real-time presence to increase productivity up to 30 percent.

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Managing Offline Work in Contact Centers

Optimize employee efficiency for offline work items in your Contact Center to improve the end-to-end customer experience.

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