Optimal Workforce Management for Your Omnichannel Contact Center

Companies need to have the right resources in the right places at the right times, handling each customer interaction and work item in the most appropriate way. An omnichannel customer experience strategy can provide cross-channel insights for more accurate forecasting and scheduling of call center and contact center agents. A defined strategy ensures that agents are skilled at handling each particular type of interaction (voice, email, chat, web, etc.) so that your organization can provide the best possible experiences for your customers, each and every time.

With today’s complex and omnichannel customer journeys, executives and organizations should strive to get everything they can out of their workforce management system. The bottom line is that optimizing contact center and call center performance will help to develop a competitive advantage as agent productivity is improved, customers’ needs are proactively met, and, ultimately, revenues are increased.

Optimizing your call center workforce starts with accurate forecasting and cost-effective scheduling across all communication channels. Too often, these channels are managed in silos, which creates great complexity and manual work for your planning department. Performance data needs to be gathered from multiple places, but many workforce management systems do not offer omnichannel forecasting methods. As a result, creating an effective workforce schedule takes much time and effort.

Genesys Workforce Management is a key part of the Genesys Continuous Workforce Optimization solution and automates the manual work of your operations and planning teams. Genesys reduces manual work, increases first contact resolution, improves call center agent productivity, and helps you deliver on your service level agreements within budget.

Genesys Workforce Planning