Optimize Workforce Performance and Customer Experience Using Patented Speech, Voice, and Text Analytics Capabilities

Challenges with Traditional Quality Management

Traditional methods of reviewing customer interactions to drive better business outcomes are manual and labor-intensive, so organizations like yours can only afford to analyze a small sample of the interactions the company handles on a daily basis. Such a small sample set is usually unrepresentative of the total volume of customer interactions. To get a more realistic view of agent performance and compliance, you would need more staff to manually review the full volume of interactions, which is cost-prohibitive.

Most speech analytics solutions rely upon speech-to-text or phonetic conversion engines, which are not accurate enough for successful determination of phrases, leading to many oversights of meaning, compliance violations and many “false-positives”. In addition, the adoption of digital channels puts more emphasis on the requirement to be able to analyze both voice and text oriented interactions like email, chat, and social media interactions. This inaccuracy results in a lack of actionability from voice analytics and increased manual work for your operations and quality management teams.

Better Voice Analytics Results through Phrase Recognition

In contrast, the patented “Speech-to-Phrase” Recognition engine delivered by Genesys directly recognizes entire phrases within the conversations themselves, which delivers the most accurate and comprehensive speech analytics available today.

Genesys combines this patented “Speech-to-Phrase” recognition with full transcription for every interaction, including multimedia interactions, to provide a 360-degree analysis of the cross-channel conversation. Every conversation is accurately and comprehensively analyzed to automatically detect key phrases from which to take automated actions due to the high detection accuracies of the Genesys Speech-to-Phrase technology.

Specific agent training requirements, compliance breaches or customer satisfaction issues are detected automatically. The resulting voice analytics data is reliable, precise and complete – immediately actionable without further human intervention. During analysis, business workflows can be triggered by speech analytics software to route eLearning modules and modify agent skills to change behavior, thereby saving you time and cost by avoiding errors and oversights. We call this automation of the workforce optimization functions Continuous Workforce Optimization, which captures the automation of the end-to-end workforce optimization process including voice analytics, text analytics, skills-based routing and agent performance improvement.

Revolutionizing Contact Center Quality Management With Speech Analytics