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Exceptional Customer Experience Through a Single Software Vendor Leads to a Competitive Advantage

As an executive responsible for customer experiences or contact center operations within your organization, there are certain things beyond your control. These may include initial product or service offering quality, delivery issues and end-user expectations - to name but a few. However, what you can control is the quality of experience the customer receives when they initiate contact with your organization.

Companies that consistently deliver a great customer experience (CX) have realized measurable business benefits far beyond improving customer loyalty and profit. Companies focusing on end-to-end customer journeys across multiple touchpoints and channels can build significant competitive advantage, reduce customer churn and differentiate their brand from competitors. This end-to-end focus on customer experience also improves sales effectiveness – converting customers into advocates and repeat buyers – while driving costs out of their business.

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Which Perspective on CX Matters Most?

What’s considered critical by an organization may be far from the experience expectations of an actual customer. Sometimes organizations overthink the journey and add unnecessary complexity that can quickly trip up the customer and create a bad experience. To better identify and align each customer touchpoint with business expectations, the integration and automation of customer information from existing back office systems into contact center operations helps your company streamline the customer experience. It provides your agents and representatives with preemptive knowledge – from multiple sources – to paint a true picture of each customer’s expectations when they engage with your company.

Central to this customer alignment strategy is the ability to meet your customer expectations, understand the context of each interaction across channels, optimize the routing of customers and how best to leverage customer feedback with detailed business analytics to achieve better results. These core elements provide the engine needed to create a holistic view into the customer journey, with process refinement and actionable intelligence to power great customer experiences. The business advantage to meeting your customer expectations with great customer experiences will ultimately drive higher revenues, lowers costs, improve efficiencies and create happier employees.

Deliver Great CX with Effortless Customer Journeys

As companies make strides to modernize their call centers, many have arrived there by adding more systems and channel solutions above of an already fragmented and siloed infrastructure.

The simplest and most cost-effective route to well-defined journeys leverages a single software platform as the foundation. Rather than working to custom integrate multiple vendors or channel solutions, leveraging a unified platform that delivers touchpoint orchestration and engagement optimization across all channels out of the box – whether a software solution in the cloud, on-premises or hybrid – is key to sustaining great CX.

Great CX is dependent on delivering effortless customer journeys that are proactive and personalized while maximizing company productivity. With customers engaging with your company over multiple channels—including web, chat, email, mobile and social—a focus on CX management is more critical than ever to gain a competitive advantage for the longevity of your business.

Why Defining the Customer Journey is Important to Your Organization

Mapping the customer journey helps organizations identify the key interactions customers or prospects have with or about your company’s brand, employees, processes, products or services. Understanding where your organization is in the CX maturity model can help you identify the steps needed to improve your customer experience efforts.

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Key Challenges of Managing CX

Depending on the size of your organization, effectively managing the customer experience requires automation using open platforms for future proofing operations to sustain business growth. Understanding how much your business needs to change from a mindset, technology, process and business needs aspect will help your organization drive incremental revenue and profit.

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Proven Strategies to Boost CX

Organizations that build successful customer experience strategies exist to serve their customers – from product conception to end-of-life and beyond. Developing strong customer experiences requires a best practice approach across multiple departments within the company – not just within the Contact Center – so that customer experiences become effortless and memorable.

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Why Improving and Managing Customer Satisfaction Will Boost Your NPS Score

Learn how your organization can best utilize resources, set targets and monitor improvements in both your Net Promoter Scores (NPS) and Customer Effort Scores.

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Kick Start Your CX Efforts through Education and Thought Leadership by Becoming a CXPA Professional

The Customer Experience Professionals Association (CXPA) is a global non-profit organization dedicated to the advancement of customer experience management practices.

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