Anticipate Customer Needs, Proactively Solve Issues, and Build Lifelong Customer Relationships

If you’re in business, you have customers. What better way to strengthen your customer relationship then by proactively caring for them?

Genesys Proactive Customer Care offers many flavors of proactive strategies that support customers with relevant and timely information such as appointment confirmations, customer satisfaction surveys, fraud alerts, service outage notifications, and payment reminders . Common strategies include blending outbound communications across multiple preferred channels, including outbound IVR, predictive dialing, text messaging, email, and mobile webpages.

Genesys transforms contact centers into multi-channel interaction centers that enable customer service excellence. Our clients achieve high returns from new customer interactions that:

  • Provide basic information and instructions
  • Answer to FAQs
  • Validate customer contact information
  • Solicit future communications preferences

Employing cross-channel user surveys to capture the voice of the customer is a proven method for quickly addressing issues and concerns resulting in deepened customer loyalty. Genesys offers its clients with the unique ability to identify and close-the-loop with survey detractors in real time with an integrated Genesys predictive dialer, providing organizations the chance to repair the customer relationship and recover a lost opportunity.


As more and more consumers desire the convenience and immediacy of being contacted on their mobile device by companies they do business with, capturing and honoring customer preferences, including opt-in, is critical. Genesys provides organizations with the tools to create custom outbound strategies that are relevant, personal, engaging, timely and compliant.

The key to a successful proactive customer care campaign is to automate and customize the delivery of the right message to the right person at the right time and over the right channels based on individual preferences and while remaining compliant. Let Genesys make you Proactive.

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