Maximize Debt Collection by Increasing Contact Rates
and Improving Agent Productivity

Collecting payments and outstanding debts is a challenge for companies of all sizes. Whether first-party or third-party collections, organizations are always looking to:

  • Reduce the cost-to-collect
  • Maximize agent productivity
  • Increase the amount of debt collected
  • All while maintaining compliance and improving the customer experience

Genesys Payments and Collections solutions enable your organization to leverage multiple communication channels, honor customer preferences and employ sophisticated omnichannel collections strategies to recover debt more efficiently. By utilizing our best-in-class outbound IVR and predictive dialing capabilities, Genesys boasts the industry’s most effective predictive pacing technology, which has been proven to drive agent utilization and increase right party contacts, and our unique contact recovery strategies will help quickly recover abandoned calls. 

Additionally, the Genesys Automated Payment solution provides secure self-service payment options over multiple channels, including IVR payments and text-to-pay.

And don’t forget mobile. Use Genesys to employ cutting-edge campaign escalation and blending capabilities leveraging mobile voice and text messaging to collect more payments.

Our intuitive user interface allows clients to:

  • Leverage predictive, preview and manual dialing,
  • Utilize automated voice messaging and proactive alerts
  • Easily define dialing rules and business logic manage receivables inventory.

Supervisory capabilities include:

  • Monitor-coach-barge
  • Real-time agent status
  • Visibility into voice and text campaign activity
  • Individual agent performance

Genesys simplifies your compliance efforts by providing a suite of self-service compliance tools to govern your contact strategies and campaigns. Easily create rules to control contacts through a comprehensive user interface to reduce contact center risk, increase ROI, manage mobile opt-in, and improve the customer experience. 

Compliance Tips for Outbound Debt Collection Communications