Integrate Your CRM, PBX, ACD, WFO, Call Center and Contact Center Systems 

Leverage existing customer service infrastructure and enterprise software investments. Unify communications and break down operational silos with a single customer experience platform that integrates with CRM, agent desktop applications, workforce optimization (WFO) and case management systems. 

Choose Your Level of Integration

Design your omnichannel customer strategy to get more out of your existing infrastructure. Gain expertise and a full ecosystem with integration capabilities.

Reduce Integration Time and Effort 

Reduce time to value with out-of-the-box integrations between Genesys and CRM, PBX, ACD, WFO, case management and other legacy systems.

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Increase Agent Efficiency

Empower agents to handle every interaction from a unified omnichannel agent desktop. Tailor agent desktop applications to improve efficiency and employee satisfaction.

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Unify Communications

Virtualize the contact center to enable multisite environments and standardize day-to-day communications between agents, back-office and remote personnel across the enterprise.

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See how Plated integrated Genesys to support explosive growth with great customer experience

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