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In today’s service-driven economy, customer experience skills are more sought-after than ever. Consumers are more mobile and expect ease of use and the ability to connect with companies when they want and the way they want. This has moved omnichannel communications from a nice-to-have to a “must.”  

That’s why Genesys created the CX Professional Accreditation course – to share a bit of our customer experience know-how captured in a one-hour course.

Whether you work in IT or operations, understanding how best to deliver great customer interactions is highly valuable. It's the way to transform your company's customer journeys, while also launching new opportunities for your career.

Earning CX Professional Accreditation will help you:

  • Recognize the gaps in your ability to deliver on your customer experience goals
  • Define and design the elements of a seamless customer experience strategy
  • Understand why and when to engage the right stakeholders

Learn at your own pace – progress through our Free Online Customer Experience Professional Accreditation Course and develop expertise that expands your knowledge and drives results.  

Bridge the gaps in your career – start the course today!  

Scholarships now available!

Want to future-proof your IT career? Get certified on Genesys PureEngage or PureConnect platforms. Complete the CX Professional Accreditation course then follow the link at the end to apply.

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CX Professional Accreditation

Our FREE CX Professional Accreditation Course can turn you into a CX champion.

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