Experience Faster Time to Resolution With Global,
Always-on Genesys Care
Tier-less Support

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Genesys Care tier-less support model

Genesys Care

Protect Your Genesys Investment
and Maximize Uptime

The Genesys Customer Experience Platform plays a critical role in your ability to deliver a great customer experience – and a key factor in its performance is support. Effective support ensures system uptime, and provides access to the latest product innovations, enabling you to realize the continued benefits of your solution. It greatly increases the knowledge and capabilities available to your team, and delivers ongoing insights into the more advanced operations of your solution. This results in more planned, predictable support costs and increased operational efficiency, and protects your investment over the long term.

The Genesys Care support and maintenance program delivers a flexible range of services tailored to meet your needs from day one. These services mitigate outage risk, lower operating expenses and evolve your platform performance. Genesys Care uses a tier-less support model, which results in quicker problem resolution. This model routes your request to the right expert the first time, regardless of your location, and increases your productivity while lowering the cost per incident. We expedite hands-on knowledge transfer with a robust collection of resources, including technical and troubleshooting workshops, to help you adopt additional features and minimize your effort toward identifying and resolving known issues.

Genesys Care provides software upgrades, updates and hot fixes for licensed and compliant software as part of its core offerings, and delivers accuracy and precision in troubleshooting with log file retrieval and remote diagnostics. Your single point of contact: Genesys Customer Success Managers are your local, in-region advocates are committed to drive issue resolution, and advise you on remediation plans, training and other support services. Our proven experts, methodologies and tools give you a foundation for success in building and maintaining customer satisfaction and loyalty.