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Business Consulting

Design and Deliver Optimal Customer Experiences Across the End-to-End Customer Journey

Define The Journeys That Matter

Delivering differentiated customer experience means defining the journeys that matter for your customers, and deciding where to begin the transformation along with which processes, departments, touchpoints and channels are involved. True competitive advantage goes to companies that get this right.

Build Your Roadmap to Success

You need a partner who not only helps you with your journey mapping, but also ensures you build your customer experience roadmap and your customer engagement approach with a “One Company” perspective in mind, providing a consistent and connected experience across all customer touchpoints and channels. Your partner needs to bring actionable insights based on industry best practices and lessons learned, supported with timely recommendations and financial justification. 

Identify Innovative Possibilities

Genesys Business Consulting Services collaborate with you to address the strategic business considerations for designing and delivering the optimal customer journey, including customer journey mapping and identifying the use of people, processes and technology required to support the journey. We develop and validate business cases that guide the design and implementation efforts to yield greater efficiencies, revenue gains and cost savings. We work with your team to assess your business, to build project plans with phased ROI-based recommendations and to provide justifications for budget, payback and financial impact. We develop actionable recommendations uniquely tailored to your business to help you advance your customer experience and Contact Center roadmaps, and cross-organizational transformation. We also deliver executive workshops related to optimizing customer experience, journey mapping and Contact Center best practices, as well as exploring specific solution use cases.

Increase Success and Unleash Value Faster

Our approach is rapid execution on all engagements, with customized deliverables and recommendations delivered to your team in a matter of weeks. Additionally, our business consultants go beyond addressing your customer experience strategy and roadmap to help you get to the “how” of transformation and solution adoption. We can explore scenarios for using solution and technology enablers that bring your customer experience roadmap to life, and assess your organization’s readiness and ability to fully leverage your Genesys Customer Experience Platform. Our business consultants each have 12-25 years of experience in sales and service operations supporting customer experience initiatives, and offer both depth and breadth of industry-specific knowledge.