Many Delivery Models to Best Meet Your Needs


In the PureCloud deployment model, the components and functionalities are entirely located in the cloud, allowing you to deliver, secure and scalable best-in-class customer experience without any infrastructure or compliance responsibilities on your company’s IT department.

Hybrid Cloud

With the hybrid cloud deployment model, the components and functionality are optimally distributed between your site and the cloud, allowing for powerful integration options. The hybrid cloud is a direct extension of your existing applications, whether it’s deploying into the cloud to add new channels, or scaling on-demand and delivering additional functionality.

Local Connect Cloud

The local connect cloud deployment model allows you to utilize Genesys cloud services while keeping telephony connections on-premises. Your company will be able to maintain existing carrier relationships and telephony control to eliminate telephony disruptions, minimize bandwidth requirements, provide security of voice and call recording at your site and minimize operational complexity.

Top Five Considerations in Choosing Your Contact Center Solution