Skills Management

Improve First Contact Resolution and Sales Conversion by Assessing Agent Skills and Correlating Their Knowledge With KPIs

A challenge for any Contact Center is understanding how agent skills are related to key performance indicators (KPIs). If you can understand this, you can greatly increase the effectiveness of your training program and better utilize your budget for learning and development.

Traditionally, performance information is stored in different systems and correlating data points is time-consuming or difficult to achieve. To add to this complexity, you need to keep track of the actual skills your agents possess. Knowing what training classes are assigned to which agents, along with the progress made, reflects your organization's readiness for product launches or seasonal spikes.

Genesys offers web-based knowledge assessments to analyze and measure the effectiveness of your on-boarding and training programs, and track the progression of agents through their careers. Results of each assessment are stored in a single repository and correlated with information from your CRM, Sales or HR systems to understand how specific knowledge or behavior truly impacts your KPIs.

When potential knowledge gaps are detected, Genesys can automatically assign training classes to your agents along with the ideal time to conduct training and insert the training into their work schedules, so that impact on service levels is minimized.

When agents meet the required score for an assessment, the central skills database is updated, so that the new skills are immediately reflected in new routing decisions. Newly acquired skills are also built into the new planning cycle and used to create more effective workforce schedules. Likewise for skills once thought to be adequate but proven otherwise through outcome analytics, skills can be downgraded, which immediately affects routing decisions, and identifies the need to schedule training to close the gap.

Skills Management greatly enhances your organization’s ability to identify individual training needs and assess the effectiveness of your on-boarding and training program through effective knowledge and skill assessments.

Skills Management is part of the Continuous Workforce Optimization Solution from Genesys and utilizes a common skills database across all interaction channels and work item routing. Continuous Workforce Optimization delivers integrated workflows between Workforce Optimization capabilities, increasing automation levels to reduce manual work for your operations and planning teams.

Genesys helps you to increase first contact resolution and sales closure rates, reduces training costs and enhances employee satisfaction.