Interaction Recording

Improve Agent and Team Performance While Monitoring Regulatory Compliance

Interaction recording is a modern contact center imperative, yet many legacy solutions don''t record the entire customer interaction, across multiple sites and interactions, failing to meet quality or regulatory compliance requirements.

Genesys provides your organization with reliable, high-quality recordings of both audio communications and desktop screen activity. Now you can capture 100% of all interactions, even if customers are transferred multiple times to agents in geographically dispersed locations. Interaction recordings can even be shared and sent via email to your agents, managers or customers, as required. And, if there is a customer complaint or dispute, interaction metadata saves you valuable time in locating the right interaction from thousands of hours of recordings.

Integrated into the Genesys Customer Experience Platform, through native integration with the Genesys SIP communications infrastructure, you can record 100% of all interactions. Genesys Interaction Recording can analyze metadata from each interaction and evaluate which interactions must be recorded using user-defined recording rules.  Employing this same metadata, you can quickly search and retrieve stored recordings, helping to resolve any customer complaints more efficiently.

Your customer service organization can benefit immediately from recording integration, as configuration and maintenance are performed within one platform. You can define recording profiles to meet internal and external policy requirements, including the ability to archive recorded sessions to separate storage locations. Single sign-on and role-based access ensures recorded interactions are viewed by authorized employees only, and sensitive data is obfuscated to prevent unauthorized data leakage.