Customer Survey

Automatically Measure Customer Loyalty and Reduce Churn Through
Post-conversation Surveys

Driving Loyalty Through Customer Surveys

Customer loyalty is built by delivering effortless customer experiences involving personalized responses to service and sales opportunities. High customer loyalty increases your organization’s bottom and top line revenue, reflected through repeat business and positive word of mouth. Unsatisfied customers however, often turn to the Internet and social media channels to damage your brand image and reputation.

The Genesys Customer Experience Platform allows you to ask your customers about their experience using questions like: "Was your problem resolved immediately?", "Was your agent friendly and effective?", or "Would you recommend our products and services to someone else?"

Web-based Survey Design

Web-based Survey Design

Using a web-based survey design and reporting environment, the platform supports multiple simultaneous surveys with a configurable number of questions and responses. Workflow rules can be used to configure survey order and disposition as well as the duration of customer voice commentary recording. Customer satisfaction metrics are available via predefined, easy-to-read reports with sorting and filtering capabilities to make customer feedback actionable.

Turning Survey Results into Action

Survey results are stored with a reference to the actual conversation so that you can track any customer satisfaction issues in real time, identify the individual agent and take action when required. Genesys combines survey opinions with Contact Center activity to create actionable information.