Workforce Optimization

Continuously Improve the Performance and Quality of Your Workforce

Deliver a Better Customer Experience

Delivering a great customer experience and managing customer service operation within budget can be a daunting task. Your Contact Center operations face the challenge of accurately planning for multiple communications channels, and analyzing the quality of conversations your agents deliver across these channels.

Typically the number of interactions you manually analyze is simply not sufficient to provide an accurate view of agent performance. Yet, scaling up your quality management team to meet the demand is time consuming, expensive and yields poor results without automation.

Multi-Channel Planning

Consumers use multiple channels to communicate with your organization, but most workforce planning solutions do not offer the required functionality to accommodate for different arrival and distribution patterns of email, chat of social media interactions.

Coaching Employees for Success

To improve the quality of customer interactions, your employees must be skilled and motivated at the same time.  Higher morale leads to increased retention and better overall customer experiences.

However, skill training plans are often based on one-size-fits-all planning, rather than individual skill sets – and your systems are challenged to offer the needed variety and flexibility for workers.

Better Business Results Through Actionable Analytics

You can continuously improve the customer experience, employee quality, sales conversion rates and manage compliance through highly accurate speech and text analytics that automatically trigger workflows to schedule training, notify a supervisor or update an employee’s skill.

Continuous Workforce Optimization

Unlike most other Workforce Optimization solutions, Genesys Continuous Workforce Optimization offers a complete suite of integrated workforce optimization capabilities to accommodate cross-channel customer journeys and the multi-skilled, multi-channel workforce.

Built on the Customer Experience Platform it offers a high level of automation through the use of shared application services such as a single user and skills database, interaction statistics and metadata,  and schedule based routing for front and back office tasks. 

Workforce Management

Produce an accurate workload forecast and schedule your agents across all communication channels and departments to increase agent engagement to deliver on your service level objectives.

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Interaction Recording

Record both customer conversations and agent desktops to manage the quality of your workforce and meet regulatory compliance.

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Speech & Text Analytics

Take advantage of the most accurate detection and precise identification of phrases and customer interaction transcriptions, delivered by patented “speech to phrase” recognition.

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Quality Management

Create effective workforce Quality Management questionnaires for analyzing and scoring recorded customer interactions.

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Agent Coaching

Drive the continuous skills training and personnel coaching that are critical to delivering high-quality customer service and differentiating your Contact Center.

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Skills Management

Use web-based assessments to optimize your company’s training programs and accurately measure the knowledge and skills of your workforce.

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Customer Survey

Identify problem areas, mentor your workforce, and enhance your delivery of a superior customer experience with post-interaction customer feedback.

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