Contact Center Telephony

Improve Enterprise Collaboration Using SIP


Built decades ago, legacy TDM and ACD (Automatic Call Distribution) deployments are struggling to keep pace with the advances made in Internet-based communication technology. The ACD is no longer a core component in the Contact Center and has become a costly technology that is difficult to manage in a distributed enterprise environment. Top brands and thriving businesses are quickly moving away from traditional Call Center technology to a more comprehensive Contact Center approach that embraces all forms of customer communications across multiple medium touchpoints. Contact Centers that have already invested in PBX (Public Branch Exchange) infrastructure can still leverage the existing PBX, while also implementing open standards-based IP components to introduce innovative Contact Center functionality.

The rapid adoption of the SIP open standard has transformed the customer experience using multi-channel engagement models that leverage innovative technologies to inspire company growth and transform the customer experience. The Internet has become a driving force in changing the way customers research, select, purchase and respond to your product or brand. In many cases, the differentiator between two competing brands may be nothing more than good customer experiences – and research shows that the best customer experience will often win the business.

Implementing a SIP-based Contact Center solution,whether it is premises based, hosted contact center or pure cloud, drives greater business value and a foundation for improving your agent productivity, virtualization of agent resources, reducing infrastructure costs and, above all, improving your customer journey.

Save Costs Without Compromising Capability

In fact, a purpose-built software-based SIP switch for call control, routing and basic telephony management capabilities offers a superior, lower-cost alternative to PBXs. And it can deliver insights unknown to legacy telephony: consolidated contact analytics, unified administration and support for flexible staffing and location models, and expert staff utilization – all at a lower TCO. Contact Center SIP telephony will save costs on hardware and maintenance by eliminating the proprietary hardware, and simplifying the management of your IT and telephony environment as a whole (either in a hosted contact center or premises deployment).

Genesys expands your enterprise communication capabilities to other users in the organization beyond the Contact Center with a business phone for voice and video communications. Enterprise users will still have access to common telephony features including announcements and media playback in conjunction with hunt groups, ringback tones, “Call Park”, 3-way conferencing, and others, while helping to streamline your costs and ease the administrative burden.

We also support a wide range of compatible devices using industry-standard, off-the-shelf IP endpoints.These include SIP soft phones – which present a low-cost, easy option for dynamically adding agents with a zero-footprint desktop – SIP hard phones, or analog phones with a VoIP gateway.

Quickly Deploy SIP in Your Contact Center With Genesys Tested and Approved SIP Endpoints

The Genesys SIP Select program features products for vendor-agnostic organizations without a specific brand preference. SIP Select offers you an integrated, fully tested line of products designed for quick deployment – without the time and resources required to evaluate a wide range of different SIP endpoint solutions. With over 70 approved vendor solutions to choose from, you can quickly identify which SIP servers, trunks, switches, IVR solutions, media gateways, recording and phone options are right for your enterprise.

Genesys SIP Select is based on the Genesys SIP Reference Architecture, which is built upon open, standards-based interoperability. This solution suite provides a tight integration to ensure smooth deployment and fewer implementation challenges. The program also includes collaborative support between Genesys and third-party vendors to expedite issue resolution.

The following certified components are available through Genesys SIP Select:

SIP Hard Phone Options

SIP Soft Phone Options

E-Session Border Controllers

Record and Play Back Messages with the Highly Scalable, Reliable and Secure SIP Voicemail Messaging Platform

When customers have to make repeated calls in order to engage with your agents, it negatively impacts your relationship with them. But, during peak hours or seasonal periods, agents may be unavailable to deal with the high volume of calls. Unable to leave personal messages with agents, customer frustration escalates when they are left in wait queues for long periods. SIP Voicemail helps you relieve this frustration by allowing your agents to take messages and return customer calls once peak periods have subsided.

Implementing a cost-effective SIP Voicemail solution for agents in your Contact Center goes a long way toward improving customer satisfaction. Customers can also leave messages in the group voice mailbox accessible to all agents, ensuring that teams can work collaboratively and respond quickly.

With real-time message-waiting notifications, SIP Voicemail shortens callback time and improves agent productivity.  Agents without an assigned mailbox can optionally be configured to show a message-waiting notification status for a single group mailbox, providing a faster response to processing messages within those queues.

Configurable greetings – including standard, personal and absence greetings – are easily managed through the telephone user interface (TUI), from a desk phone or agent desktop. Fully integrated with Genesys SIP, SIP Voicemail is a 100% software-based solution available in 11 different languages, with the ability to scale beyond 15,000 mailboxes on off-the-shelf hardware.

Record Customer Conversations for Improved Quality and Compliance

Call recording is a basic requirement for Contact Center operations today, either for legal reasons or to help improve service standards and keep your customers satisfied. Legacy call recording systems are typically proprietary, local solutions which are expensive to maintain and upgrade, and provide only a limited feature set. Unfortunately, many of these solutions don't provide coverage of the entire customer interaction, failing to meet quality or regulatory compliance requirements.

Listening to just part of a recorded conversation is ineffective and frustrating for your supervisors if their goal is to understand agent quality and performance. Genesys SIP-based recording solutions provide your organization with reliable, high-quality recordings of both audio communications and desktop screen activity. SIP-based solutions are specifically designed for Voice over IP (VoIP) recording, allowing for all customer interactions and agent responses to be recorded, even if customers are transferred to agents in geographically dispersed locations. Call recordings can also be shared and sent via email to your agents, managers or your customers if required.

Using metatags, you can quickly search and retrieve recordings based on agent, customer or order number to confirm or deny the content of a customer interaction. You can replay a call from the customer’s point of view, including IVR prompts, transfers, holds and conferences, or in entirety to gain a complete view of the customer experience. Each time a call recording is accessed, an audit trail is maintained for security and regulatory compliance requirements such as PCI-DSS, HIPAA, Sec 17a (3, 4) and SOX.