Proactive Communications

Enable Effective Customer and Prospect Call Backs Across Channels Through Calls,Voice Messages, Email, SMS, Web Chat


Customers like being kept informed, and most are open to outbound or proactive communications. But they want control over the information they receive to ensure that it remains timely and relevant to their interests or purchase activities. Genesys allows your business to proactively contact customers using the right channel, at the right time, with the right message.

Companies struggle with having an integrated approach to customer communications, in which outbound activity reflects inbound context and history across all channels. As a result, customers are often under-informed, over-communicated or contacted unnecessarily. This leads to reduced loyalty, fewer recommendations and lower spending. It also increases the overall cost to serve customers.

Genesys enables you to have permissions-based conversations with your customers and prospects across multiple channels to foster a great customer experience.  Equipped with real-time insight of all past contact activity, whether through voice, email, mobile messages or web chat, you can proactively communicate timely information through the appropriate channel with your customers and prospects.

Keep Customers Proactively Informed to Increase Customer Satisfaction and Reduce Costs

Proactive communications can help your business keep its customers informed of a wide range of issues – including system-outage updates, disaster and emergency alerts, customer service progress updates, appointment reminders, shipment notifications, account activations, success surveys, refills/reorders, closing announcements and fundraising requests.

Proactive notifications can be sent by voice messageemail, text message or smartphone push notification. These can be either one-way messages that update the customer, or two-way messages that enable your customers to respond. And messages can be personalized to the individual customer, with a specific update or information - just for them.

Genesys enables proactive notification with useful features such as customizable contact schedules, schedulable import of contacts, and advanced retry logic. Your notifications are further enhanced with a cross-channel view to enable integrated, effortless conversations across different paths. Now your business can provide consistent inbound and outbound engagement for support and sales, using context and business rules to make the most of every contact opportunity.

Use Predictive, Progressive and Preview Dialing For Outbound Customer Contact

Making proactive contact with prospects and customers has never been more essential to building loyal, long-term relationships. The outbound dialer has been at the heart of this activity, but serves as an on-premises hardware appliance offering limited flexibility. There is the additional challenge of ensuring communications compliance with contact regulations. Organizations today need to be flexible and agile, able to deploy outbound capabilities to any team in any location, with real-time campaign context. Genesys enables you to deploy a software-only dialer – in the Cloud, on-premises or in a hybrid configuration – giving you maximum flexibility. You have the option of deploying campaigns utilizing three different dialer modes:

For mobile communications, Genesys enables Informed Number Access, which proactively notifies customers when the right agent is available to address support or sales issues.  This provides direct-to-agent routing, indicated through a Push notification so customers can initiative the response.  Push activity saves your organization significant telephony costs, SMS activity, and puts notification control and personalization into the hands of customers.

Enable Proactive Contact Through Actionable Web Customer Behavior Insights

Your website is the first point of contact with your business for many people. Your marketing department spends a vast amount of money enticing customers to visit. Yet all too often, you don’t have insight into when online shoppers need assistance, so can’t offer the timely help they need. As a result, your shopping experience sometimes disappoints, and sales are lost.

Many organizations try to connect with shoppers via proactive chat which often deliver pop-ups at a time when help is not wanted, and only serves to irritate shoppers. When shoppers do seek assistance, no choice of communications channel is offered, long waits for an available resource occur, and the eventual agent can’t provide the help that is actually needed due to lack of context. All these issues serve to kill sales and tarnish your brand.

Genesys matches your prospective customers with the best person at the precise moment - when intervention means the difference between an abandoned shopping cart and a new customer. For existing customers seeking assistance through the Web channel, Genesys provides customer insights and context to the service professional based on analysis of the customer’s web activity. Customers’ explanations of service requests are greatly simplified and clarified with the shared context of prior behavior. Genesys helps customer service organizations improve customer experience (CX), leading to a higher rate of first contact resolution, lower customer effort, and greater satisfaction, which ultimately leads to additional sales to the same customers.

It's a Mobile-first World, Powered by Great Software

Global consumers are moving to mobile devices from PCs, laptops and landlines in a technology migration more rapid than any other time in history.

Being able to reach customers on mobile devices when and where they are always present is at the core of the Genesys strategy to help you unleash the power of great customer experience (CX). 

From CX-enabling your existing mobile apps - adding Contact Center capabilities to support ecommerce, account maintenance and sales opportunities - to proactive communications and marketing to drive loyal customers to purchase more often, Genesys offers you the capabilities you need.

Genesys helps you protect legacy investments by enabling you to continue using your tools to add capabilities to existing apps, rather than making you re-create apps using proprietary tools.  Genesys support of open standards helps you customize existing apps with contact center capabilities, and integrate with existing CRM and ERP systems at the same time. Customer profile information and history can be seamlessly incorporated into mobile interactions with customers – boosting satisfaction and loyalty, due to the reduced effort that customers realize using their mobile devices.

Genesys helps you build lifelong customer loyalty by harnessing the power of mobile technology to drive new revenue, reward patronage, and deliver high ROI. Mobile marketing software and unified campaigns help you engage consumers, build loyalty through offers, and grow purchase frequency, with proven technology, methodology and demonstrated success from a large base of global clients.

Orchestrate Outbound Communications to Drive Greater Business Performance and Increase Return on Investment

Increasingly, outbound campaigns succeed not just on great data and strong messaging, but smart optimization. Too often campaign execution does not fully utilize prospect data, and leads to wasted effort. Campaign optimization orchestrates end-to-end customer communications to deliver the best results.

By allowing your customer to select their preferred communication channel, content type and frequency, you optimize  individual campaigns while maintaining compliance. Multi-channel campaigns increase contact rates, but also recognizing and using inbound contact helps to reduce outbound messages, saving you customer frustration and costs.

Effective measurement and management of individual campaigns requires business intelligence providing real-time and historical visibility across all your campaigns and channels. Assessing the quality of agent interactions through speech and text analytics helps you understand how your customers react to specific messaging, and how well agents deal with issues and objections.

Genesys enables you to deliver optimized campaigns across multiple channels, both outbound and inbound. Now your business can collect customer contact preferences, enable multi-channel outbound campaigns, adjust campaigns for inbound contacts, and measure the quality of the campaign and specific interactions.