Deliver Great Customer Experience Across All Channels

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Now, more than ever, brands need to deliver consistent customer experiences across all channels for any particular touchpoint  (website, mobile app, voice, etc.). When engaging with your customers, you need to understand each customer’s journey, when they last interacted (and with whom), what’s in their transactional history and if they have any unresolved issues. Carrying this vital context across all touchpoints and channels is the key to a cohesive customer journey, and helps improve customer experience, loyalty and business outcomes.

The Genesys Customer Experience Platform is unique in its ability to manage consistent cross-channel customer experiences along the customer journey. The platform supports customer engagement across the following communication channels:

  • Voice: Inbound, Outbound or Self-Service
  • Web: Email, Forms, Chat, WebRTC, Social Media
  • Mobile: SMS/Text Messaging, Self-Service, Applications

Genesys Routing enables the omnichannel experience through customer context preservation that tracks the customer’s identity, products and actions for each interaction and applies business rules ensuring a consistent experience, regardless of the channel by which the customer chooses to communicate. Once the targeted Customer Experience Level is set, you can leverage a set of routing capabilities to determine the available resource with the right level of experience.

Genesys enables you to deliver a consistent experience to your customers regardless of the channel they select along their journey. The Genesys Customer Experience platform allows you to share a common set of channels and touchpoints across your organization, regardless of location, including through remote workers, branch offices, retail locations or the back office.