Management & Deployment

Enhance Contact Center Availability With Centralized Deployment, Administration and Monitoring of Multi-site Operations


Administration of multiple locations can be a significant burden to your IT operations and impact response times when managing global deployments. Genesys can simplify call center administration and management to help your organization more efficiently deploy capabilities, provision resources and monitor applications.

Now you can configure and deploy Genesys applications across local and remote offices from a central location. Creating a standard configuration for multi-site deployment helps to eliminate errors, minimizing the time and resources required to bring a complete solution online. This eliminates the need for dedicated, costly resources in remote locations.

IT and operations managers can also define role-based access to allow privileges to different applications and capabilities.

For example, IT can empower specific roles across your organization to manage operational configurations, including routing strategies, voice applications, product licensing and rules. Those people could then easily modify the behavior of routing strategies, without the need for IT resources reconfiguring the application itself. High Availability and Disaster Recovery options help keep your business-critical operations online with 99.999% uptime and reliability.

Simplify Operations With Extensive Deployment, Administration, Configuration and Monitoring Options

As a Systems Administrator, your tasks involve the planning, installation, configuration and maintenance of the Genesys environment. Typically, your Call Center has grown over a number of years, leaving you with many different interfaces to work with on a day-to-day basis. Administration of multiple, remote locations can be a significant burden to IT operations and can make global reporting and management a considerable challenge.

Genesys provides extensive features and functionality via a centralized administration framework that spans the different Genesys products required to keep your Contact Center running effectively. With a single, consistent, web-based application that lets you deploy, provision, configure and monitor all applications from a centralized site, Genesys effectively solves the problem of multi-site administration and role-based management. This capability helps you reduce costs associated with geo-specific IT resources, speeds implementation times, simplifies administration, monitoring and reporting of enterprise-wide deployments.

Core administrative features include account management, role-based access, provisioning and deployment, routing strategies, audio resource management and license reporting. In addition, you can perform operational management of outbound and proactive campaigns from the centralized interface.

Secure Your Contact Center to Minimize the Risk of Compromise and Service Disruption

Over the last decade, security requirements have become imperative in the Contact Center. Security is multifaceted – it isn’t just about protecting sensitive customer data, it’s also about preventing disruption to your services if you fall victim to malicious attacks. The leakage of customer information can be damaging to your brand and your bottom line revenue, impacting the future trust of customers. In addition, changes made by unauthorized users can adversely affect system availability and your quality of service.

For customer sales and service organizations where PCI compliance is critical, Genesys offers features to minimize the risk of data leakage and potential financial impact to your company – ranging from fines to lost business, and the potential suspension of credit card processing services.

Genesys solutions are engineered with best-practice security in mind to cover many different aspects of system and data protection in depth. Your PCI, SOX and other regulatory compliance efforts are enhanced through many features including encryption of data both at rest and in transit. Genesys also obfuscates sensitive data during call recording – including DTMF tones and through speech analytics – as well as in web form fields to protect personal data during Genesys co-browse sessions. Enhancing security and protection, Genesys provides strong user authentication and authorization using role-based access, comprehensive data and communications integrity, and web application security.

Ensure Uninterrupted Service for Critical Business Operations

Genesys delivers High Availability (HA) to ensure 24/7 uninterrupted service in business critical operations, to eliminate single points of failure. There are two types of Primary/Backup High Availability applications supported by Genesys, including Hot Standby and Warm Standby HA modes. In the event that the primary instance fails, the backup instance takes on the primary role and continues operations unabated.

Hot Standby Configuration

Hot Standby High Availability is supported for applications that are critical to call processing and support synchronization of real-time data from the primary to the backup, allowing the continuation of call processing with little or no loss of service. When deployed in redundant pairs, clients of Hot Standby applications establish parallel connections to both the primary and backup instances, allowing for seamless transition during a failover event.

Warm Standby Configuration

Warm Standby applications provide cost-effective recovery from failure using a backup instance, with only a brief interruption to service.  This interruption minimizes lost calls, but does not synchronize data from primary to backup instances.

Ensure Multi-site Survivability and Business Continuity With Disaster Recovery

What level of reliability constitutes operational success for your on-premises Contact Center? Truth is, anything less than 99.999% uptime is unacceptable in today’s always-on reality. Downtime translates into lost sales and frustrated customers – all of it impacting the bottom line. In critical business environments, near real-time remote-location disaster recovery must automatically failover to backup servers, enabling operational survivability with no capacity loss.

Genesys provides your business a formal architecture for disaster recovery, by providing redundancy with automatic failover between local and remote sites. Disaster recovery ensures your Contact Center can continue to offer critical business functions to customers in the event of a catastrophic failure at one site or another. The Genesys disaster recovery architecture includes work area redundancy, disaster recovery and graceful migration to single-site operation during maintenance windows, using a synchronized two-site deployment where both Genesys components and configurations are mirrored.