Interactive Voice Response

Deliver Great Self-Service Experiences to Your Customers

Delivering great customer experiences is about simplifying and streamlining your business processes to reduce customer effort throughout a call. To deliver a personalized experience you need to be able to understand the reason for a customer’s call, access relevant profile and business information, and apply rules to further customize that experience.

Reducing Cost With Self-Service Applications

IVR (Interactive Voice Response) systems have traditionally used proprietary code bases and architectures that limited integration and customizations. IVR systems provide two key capabilities – deployment of effective self-service applications and customer identification and call center routing. Using these capabilities, Contact Centers can reduce costs and increase first contact resolution of customer issues and inquiries.

Integrated IVR and Call Center Solution

Genesys provides a secure, flexible call center software platform, seamlessly integrating self-service applications, video capabilities and agent-assisted transactions. Based on open-standards applications – with the ability to work in heterogeneous PBX or networking environments – Genesys reduces operational costs, speeds time to market and helps to align services with your customer preferences.

Intelligent Self-Service Applications

Genesys Interactive Voice Response (IVR) provides a secure, flexible call center software platform that integrates self-service applications and agent-assisted transactions to increase satisfaction, increase revenue and reduce the cost to serve Customer context and interaction state are preserved to deliver a low-effort customer journey.

Hear More of the Customer Conversation With Speech Recognition for IVR

Often, the IVR is not designed around customer needs, forcing them to understand how your business is structured in order to access the right information or expert. This also fails to meet their expectation that service be aligned with their needs and abilities in the right context, especially in situations requiring them to work virtually hands free or when speaking is preferred.

Voice-controlled interfaces are becoming more prevalent in consumer technology and everyday life. Using speech recognition, you can deliver a more intuitive IVR experience through directed dialogue or natural language technologies. Genesys provides speech recognition technologies that encourage more natural conversations to increase automation beyond that of traditional touchtone capabilities – for example, name and address capture. This creates lower effort self-service interactions and increases call containment and completion rates. It also reduces the customer’s time in the IVR and total call duration through faster routing. Natural language technologies remove the complexities of multiple menu options and result in improved call connection accuracy and reduced transfer rates.

Secure Your Customer Interactions and Protect Their Sensitive Data Through Voiceprint Identification and IVR Biometrics

Your customers expect every interactive experience, whether automated or through an agent, to be efficient, effective and secure. Interactions that involve multiple channels – including voice and mobile – require some level of authentication. 

Traditional solutions that use passwords, PINs and tokens require your customers to answer challenging questions or provide personal information to confirm identity. This exhaustive authentication lengthens interaction time and is inconvenient for your customers and time-consuming for your agents.

Voice verification is a better method to confirm that a caller is who they say they are. This can be used in applications such as self-service password resetting, digital voice-signing of electronic documents, gaining access to secure systems such as phone banking, or providing secure access to websites. 

Now your business can deliver true voiceprint authentication, alleviating customer concerns arising from identity theft or impersonation. Voice biometrics for IVR successfully confirms identities without frustrating your customers or compromising security.