Genesys and Microsoft Extend Collaboration to Support Omnichannel Customer Service

Genesys Integration with Microsoft Skype for Business Extends Collaboration from the Call Center throughout the Enterprise

Optimize Agent Workforce with Text & Speech Analytics

Genesys now brings the best-in-class contact center capabilities together with best-in-class unified communications solutions from Microsoft, empowering agents to collaborate with any available expert with the right skill level throughout the organization to speed resolution of customer inquiries. Companies can now put the enterprise – not just the contact center – at the core of customer service and customer experience.

As forward-looking companies seek a unified communications solution that lowers their infrastructure costs, they are unwilling to compromise on interoperability. They require a unified solution that scales with their business needs and seamlessly connects with their contact center without a time-consuming and expensive integration.

Genesys and Microsoft deliver upon these requirements through:

  • A video-enabled contact center
  • Effortless transition from one channel to another in a single interaction
  • Facilitation of an omnichannel customer experience
  • Accelerated collaboration across the business
  • Improved first contact resolution
  • Enhanced accessibility and responsiveness

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