Virtualize Your Contact Center to Drive Greater Efficiencies and Deeper Experiences

Increasingly, Contact Center agents are becoming the voice (or face) of your business. Keeping them trained to handle the full range of customer interactions is a crucial step in delivering customer satisfaction. That’s why many leading brands are virtualizing their Contact Centers to make efficient use of their distributed and varied workforces.

Delivering an optimal experience requires connecting your customers with the most appropriate agents. Often, organizations are unable to fully leverage the skills and competencies of their workforce, especially when those experts are distributed across siloed teams, facilities, or geographies. Planning and scheduling resources efficiently is made more difficult when your teams are dispersed across offices or even working from home, leading to overstaffing and higher costs.

Contact Center virtualization gives you everything you need to operate a highly scalable and flexible Contact Center solution at a lower cost of operations. Unlike others, Genesys gives you the optimal solution for Contact Center virtualization. With Genesys best-in-class interaction routing, customers are directed to the right person, with the right skills – based on your business rules – regardless of location or channel they use. Your customers never have to repeat information, and your agents know the customer intent, context, and history they need to serve the customer.

Virtualization can help your operation scale to handle a higher volume of customer inquiries more efficiently. And it can make it possible to eliminate local PBXs and ACDs, further reducing total cost of ownership. Best of all, your customers benefit from a personal, seamless, effortless experience. Proven by thousands of customers, the Genesys Customer Experience Platform can be deployed virtually to support your company’s global growth needs while reducing costs and delivering the personal, seamless and effortless experiences your customers demand.